dry skin saviors


as mild as this winter has been (knock on wood), my skin is still as dry as a desert. in the past I wouldn’t care as much about doing something about it, but as I’ve gotten older and ever since I started to have instances of eczema, I’ve really taken the time to hydrate my skin properly, especially in the cold. these are my go-to dry skin saviors.

for exfoliation, nothing beats the l’occitane pate delice in my book. I’ve tried other body scrubs and they were all either too harsh, left behind a residue that I didn’t care for, and/or smelled weird/too strong. this one is none of those things. the smell is amazing. it’s almond-scented without being cloyingly sweet. it leaves my skin feeling soft & new without irritation, and it washes off cleanly.

and on to the lotions. kiehl’s creme de corps is such a lovely product. it doesn’t feel greasy, moisturizes really well, & leaves behind such a nice sheen on the skin while still being matte. I don’t know how it does it, but it does. aside from doing all of that, it also doesn’t feel thick at all; in fact, it almost feels like you’re wearing nothing! I use it all over my body. I use the first aid beauty ultra repair cream as an extra layer of hydration over eczema-prone or incredibly rough spots and when I’m having a little bit of an eczema recurrence. I love that you can use this all over the body, too, as well as the face!

 what are your go-to products for dry skin?

force of nature

we had a hell of a commute today – 2 1/2 hrs. to go 50 miles – but I’m just glad we made it in to work safe & in one piece. there were plenty of accidents on the road ahead of us on our way in, and we took a scary little spin in the middle of the road, but we miraculously got to work without hitting or getting hit by anything. my boss wasn’t as lucky: his car did a 360 on the stevenson, hitting the concrete divider with both of his fenders. luckily, he wasn’t hurt and the car, though seriously damaged, was still safe to drive in, but he said that it sure was a wake-up call & that he had to pull over to take a few deep breaths before continuing on.

the weather wasn’t even anything too terrible – just cold with last night’s snow loose on the ground – but it was still a beast. today was a good reminder that nature is a force to be reckoned with & anytime you walk away with no or slight bruising is a victory to be thankful for.

stay safe & warm out there, wherever you are!

cold weather essentials

cold weather essentials

even though there have been some (barely) above freezing temperatures around here lately, winter is well & truly here. with the change in weather comes a change in daily must-haves to combat the cold air & dry, dull skin.

hat | I have a giant head, so I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with hats: I love them in theory, but I hate the way they look on me. because of that, I went for years without wearing a hat, but last year, I finally found a beanie that looked sufficiently okay on my head, and I enjoyed having the added warmth on my head. sadly, I lost that beanie and searched high & low for a replacement. this one was the winner. it doesn’t hurt that it kills two birds with one stone: it keeps my ears & head warm and lets me rep my hometown in style.

intensive lotion | I never had any serious skin problems until this past summer when I had a case of eczema on my arms & legs. I went to a dermatologist and was prescribed some medication that ultimately took care of the problem, but I wanted something I could use daily to hydrate my skin and hopefully prevent more intense flare ups. I picked up this lotion after receiving a sample of the hand cream. it really sinks in and keeps my skin moisturized all day long. I apply once in the morning and again at night when I go to bed. it’s not greasy at all, and since it’s fragrance free & formulated specifically for dry, eczema-prone skin, it’s great for those with sensitive skin. I recommended it to my sister who has a much more serious eczema condition, and it worked wonders for her. I also picked this up from the same line to apply to intensely dry patches.

lip balms & scrubs | this time of year is when lip balms & scrubs really prove their worth. I have four products in heavy rotation. I use this to slough away dead skin. this is a great balm to layer under lipsticks – it’s fragrance free & absorbs really quickly. this is a tried & true favorite and my default lip balm for on the go. for overnight lip conditioning, this is great. I apply a thick layer right before I go to bed, and when I wake up in the morning, my lips are soft & happy.

what are your cold-weather essentials?