things that made my week

happy friday! I’m looking forward to a relaxed weekend and warmer temps next week (we’re supposed to hit the 50s!!!). we’re getting dinner with our former roommate tomorrow night here. I’ve never been, and I’m so excited to try it out! wishing you a lovely weekend!

the things that made my week:

this outfit…

…for major spring inspiration

this tote

…for jump-starting my spring capsule wardrobe

this ring combo…

…which I’ve been rocking all week

these pierogis…

…for satisfying a craving

this mini red crossbody bag

…for being on point

things that made my week

the two things that made my week:

this movie


…for giving my guy & me a much needed break from a stressful week.


this book


…for making me literally laugh out loud (review coming soon).

this week has has been incredibly stressful at work, I haven’t been sleeping well, winter seems like it’s going to drag on forever, and everything is just ramping up. I am so glad it’s friday.

I’m hoping to catch up on some down time this weekend. I hope your weekend is lovely!

things that made my week | valentine’s day edition

this guy…

IMG_0318…for being my funny valentine

this week’s iteration of “things that made my week” comes from our valentine’s day dinner. we went to 312 Chicago, partly because it came highly recommended by a friend and partly because it’s really close to James’s office. we had a great time. there were no crowds, the service was friendly, and the food! the food was fantastic. we left stuffed to the brim. how was your valentine’s day?

happy weekend!

this buffala appetizer…

IMG_0321…for being insanely good

this caesar salad…

IMG_0323…for having a real anchovy

this seafood fusilli in arrabiata sauce…

IMG_0324…for reaffirming my belief that great pasta is always worth the extra workout

this peach sorbetto…

IMG_0326…for being the perfect end to an indulgent evening

things that made my week

happy friday, friends! wishing you a wonderful weekend. I’m out to a low-key dinner with James tonight and then we might go and see the theory of everything later in the weekend. hope you have a good one, and happy valentine’s day!

| this mini pineapple candle for being mini…& a pineapple |

| this (really loud) old school alarm clock for waking us up in a heartbeat |

| this cute banner for being unabashedly corny |

| this genius product for existing |

| this beautiful cover that has me wishing for spring |

things that made my week

happy friday, friends! I’m looking forward to a mostly chill weekend with some dinner plans with friends. whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope you have a good one!

the things that made my week:

|I want to recreate this look stat…that glow though!|

| I’m having a major neutral nail polish movement |

| still dreaming about this curry |

| this iPhone case is just adorable |

| this purse caught my eye in a quick pop-in to zara |