things that made my week

 happy friday! this weekend is looking to be a busy one. on saturday, I have my final in the morning, followed by a memorial service in the early afternoon, followed by a wedding in the late afternoon, and then a Pacquiao-Mayweather viewing party at our friends’ house later in the evening. just typing that out makes me tired! needless to say, after all that, sunday will be super chill. it’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend with warm weather and sunlight aplenty. have a good one!

the things that made my week:

  leisurely walking around southport

  wedding venue viewing 

  a little shoe shopping 

 finally got a chance to visit here
 poached eggs & a perfectly cooked steak a good breakfast make (see what I did there?) 

things that made my week


happy friday!!! I’m so ready for the weekend…who’s with me? warm weather is still taking its sweet time getting here…this morning, I had to scrape a substantial layer of frost off my car! 

but enough about the weather! this weekend is going to be a mixture of the fun (dinner with friends & walking around the city) & the necessary (cleaning our room & tackling the laundry). I hope your weekend is lovely!

the things that made my week:

drinking my weight in tea & a pretty mug

lunch outside on a cool but sunny day

listening to this nonstop since it came out tuesday

these blooms that say spring is here, the weather not withstanding 

things that made my week


happy friday, friends! I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful for a friday like I am today. this week was tough – I was so, so sick – and while I’m not 100% better, today is the first day I’ve felt anywhere close to normal. so the things that made my week would be my cat who slept by my side the whole time I was sick; my fianc√© for being a rockstar nurse; my boss & coworkers who gave me all the time I needed to recuperate; antibiotics & modern medicine, for existing; and soup, for being so darn good & the only thing I could keep down.

you may be wondering why today’s image is the alamo…well, we’re flying out to san antonio tomorrow for an overdue vacation to visit my best friend from high school & her husband. they just bought a house down there, and we’ve been meaning to head down for over a year now, so we’re excited.

I’m willing myself to get that much better by tomorrow’s flight. the timing could be better, what with still being kind of under the weather, but I’m hoping a little time off with friends and 80-degree weather (!!!) will do the trick.

have a lovely weekend!


things that made my week

thingshappy friday, friends! I’m bummed by the chilly weather we’ve been having lately…especially since one day not too long ago, the temperature was 72 degrees. 72.degrees. spring has to come, right?! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

the things that made my week

  1. the new under armour store just opened up on michigan avenue, and I’m excited. I’ve been really liking all the colorful designs they’ve been coming out with. I just bought this as my new gym bag.
  2. I was able to grab a real “sit-down & talk” breakfast with my guy earlier this week, which is something that doesn’t happen very often. it’s the little things.
  3. I’ve been eyeing all the pretty bags that are coming out. I’m eyeing this one for summer. the color made me smile.
  4. I finally finished reading Bossypants, and it.was.glorious. review coming soon, but let’s just say I’ve never enjoyed myself while waiting 3 hours for my car to get fixed like I did while reading this book.
  5. the sun’s been coming out more & more now, and this sunset from downstate was really beautiful.