loving in…june

lovingjunehello, friends! the blackhawks championship parade is today, so as you can imagine, everyone & their mother are in the city. my metra express train this morning was packed. it’s supposed to be a wet one again today, but a little rain isn’t going to stop this party. aside from the hawks, here’s a roundup of some of the other things I’m loving this month.

one | florence & the machine’s new album is the soundtrack of my life right now. great album cover, great album.

two | I’m a fan of the original bumble and bumble surf spray, but I may love this (very similar) new version even more. it still gives my hair that windswept, beachy look but is a little less drying. the scent is the same, which is good because nothing says summer quite like the smell of salty ocean air.

three | humidity is a full face of makeup’s kryptonite. I don’t even bother with liquid bases this time of year if I can help it. I prep with some sunscreen & a little moisturizer, some concealer as needed, and top it all off with this. done & done.

four | I’m going to come right out and say it: this is the perfect nude lipgloss (in petal). not sticky, not gloopy, just the right amount of my-lips-but-better color that you can actually see (even on my pigmented lips).

five | and of course, da hawks! after decades of drought, we’ve been spoiled lately. I, like the rest of the city, am absolutely thrilled.

brands I love | banago

banagobear with me while I proudly wave the Philippine flag…today’s post features a new-to-me brand that happens to hail from my home country: banago. you can read more about banago‘s story here, but they offer bags, totes, & accessories handmade in the Philippines by local artisan communities. this specific portion of their narrative really caught my eye:

“here at BANAGO we aim to support sustainable livelihoods and preserve ailing arts and crafts with various products that span a work force from the farmer of the natural materials the products are made from to the artisans. we teach them the importance of quality work and entrepreneurship in hopes of empowering these women. so far we have been successful because we have stayed true to our beliefs that true luxury is having the ability to help.”

true luxury is having the ability to help. that’s going to rattle around in my brain for quite some time.

I’m a lover of beautiful things. all of their products are beautiful, but what makes them even more lovely is the good they do in helping those who are responsible for creating such beauty. if you’re on the market for a summer tote or clutch, may I point you in banago‘s direction? I for one have a couple of pieces on my summer wishlist (this one & this one).

*this is not a sponsored post. I just love sharing the love, especially for a good cause.

things I love | may

maytilhow is it may?! not that I’m complaining. the trees are blooming, the weather is warmer…I’m going to tempt fate and say that winter is truly over. today’s post is a round-up of things I’ve been loving lately. as I’ve transitioned in the past couple months to a more pared back lifestyle, I haven’t felt the need to compile wishlists. that’s not to say I’ve suddenly found myself beyond wanting things (I’m not that good), but I just haven’t felt the urge to compile all of it together into something I could share. so, this isn’t a wishlist per se (although I may want to buy some of these things), but more of a collage of the things I love, find beautiful, and make me happy right now. what’s been really lovely to experience with this capsule wardrobe thing is really being able to appreciate the things I have and admire that which I find beautiful & would love to have without actually owning it. sometimes, the pleasure I get from seeing it or being inspired by it is enough.

ok…enough schmaltz. thanks for stopping by & hanging around, even with the infrequent posting. I’m working on getting my ish together…promise!

happy wednesday!


earrings (on sale through 5/7 with the code fiesta 30) | towel | book | flats | dress

things I love | essie haute in the heat


those of you who follow on instagram would have seen this shot, but I wanted to do a little shout out on the blog, because I’m loving the color, and I couldn’t be more surprised. I tend to go for barely there nudes and neutrals; moody, dark greys and blues; and a red or coral here and there. pink is usually not on my tips. in fact, I own only two other pink shades in my stash, and they end up on my toes 99% of the time. but I saw this color on the shelf at target, and I found myself taking it home. I still wasn’t convinced that I liked it even as I was applying, but when it all dried and set, it won me over. it leans more towards a warm, tame reddish-pink in the shade or out of direct sunlight, but as you can see, it’s this lovely raspberry in the light. if the color wasn’t lovely enough, the formula is fantastic – this was almost perfect at one coat and spot-on at two coats.

james and I did some paint sampling the day before I snapped the picture, so my nails are looking a little worse for wear, but at least they’re pretty, right? ;)

things I love

madewell41 madewell51 madewell61 madewell81 madewell91 madewell111

what? 3 posts in one day?! I couldn’t help but write this post up upon seeing madewell’s 2014 fall collection on honestlywtf. the styling, while incredibly cool, isn’t exactly my style as a complete look, but it’s inspiring nonetheless. I turn to madewell for simple accessories, leather shoes, and a quirky piece here and there, and this collection has me covered. I’m eyeing up those oxfords, those navy d’orsay flats, that black & white tartan skirt, that geometric grey and cream dress, every single cozy scarf, and those lovely hunter green pumps that have me convinced I need a pair of hunter green pumps in my life. and those slouchy trousers – I’m all over those, too. but my favorite look has got to be the very last one. I want it, from head to toe. I love the shoulder patches on the ribbed sweater, those leather oxfords again, and that bucket bag in a rich, perfect-for-autumn cognac. let the penny-counting begin.

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