the friday five

IMG_3170my bridesmaid’s bouquets

I’m still making my way through all the pictures from our wedding & our honeymoon, but I wanted to share a handful of photos in the meantime until I can get a proper post up. we were married on may 21 in chicago, and we headed out for boston 2 days later. we stayed in our apartment in salem, mass for 1 day before heading up to portland, maine for 3 days. we headed back down on the saturday of the holiday weekend, before vacation season got fully underway. we spent the rest of our honeymoon chilling in salem, which was pure luxury for us since we currently live apart & will continue to do so until july of next year. it was nice to just stay home, spend some much needed time together, & relax.

have a lovely weekend!

IMG_3191made me laugh after a great breakfast at a local diner

IMG_3198the barrel room at allagash brewery

IMG_3199the cute little kitchen in our airbnb apartment

IMG_3207by the water in portland, maine

the friday five


happy Friday! the weekend is here, and I can’t wait…it looks to be a good one. my sister is back for the last couple of weeks of her summer, so we’ll hang, James and I are painting our new bedroom (after taking forever to decide on a color), Boston is less than a week away…and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has begun for everyone. I always try to pick up some of the pricier fall things I might want/need during this sale because the prices are great. this week’s friday five is made up of the top 5 things I’m eyeing. have a great weekend!

sale highlights


| I love everything about this topper…the color, the shape, the fit, the price |


| such a cool jacket…in comfortable leather-trimmed wool |


| definitely not a need, but isn’t it lovely? |


| what can I say? I’m a sucker for wool and leather, doubly so when they’re paired in a chic way, like on this jacket |


| I’ve been wanting a a pair of riding boots for years. this one has the potential to fit my big calves, fingers crossed. |

the friday five


it’s Friday! I’m looking forward to a breakfast date with my guy tomorrow. it’ll be a nice way to start off the weekend…and a nice way to fuel up for a heavy round of packing. we’ve started to sell some of our furniture, and I was surprised to find myself tearing up slightly as I watched pieces go out the door. I know it’s just furniture, but it felt a little bit like I was saying goodbye little by little to this chapter in my life. I’m excited for what the future holds, but we love our apartment, and I’m just feeling a little sentimental. but it’ll be okay, and I’ll be okay. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

this week’s highlights

p.s. excuse the blurry pics…I took these with my phone since I didn’t lug my other camera around these days…


| finally bought a case for my media cards. so cheap and so simple…why haven’t I done this sooner?! |


| amazing bbq |


| yummy ćevapčići at restaurant sarajevo |


| my drink of the night: a pinky gonzales |


| celebrating Jesse’s birthday at three dots and a dash |

the friday five


happy Friday! we’re moving in just over a month and a half, so the packing countdown begins. we’re hoping to get a lot of the non-essentials packed in the coming weekends, starting tomorrow. wish us luck, and have a good weekend!

this week’s highlights


| ikea to the rescue for my new brush holder |


| went out to dinner with James and some work friends and was totally envious of James’ béarnaise burger |


| new storage for my bracelets & earrings |


| my skin has been loving this |


| this show is incredibly funny. James and I watched all 8 episodes in 2 nights. |

the friday five


hello, Friday…nice to see you again! this week was a whirlwind of so many things happening, and while most of them were good and positive, it was tiring nonetheless. I’m ready for a Friday night in and some wine.

wishing you all a lovely father’s day weekend!

this week’s highlights


| a display of cute little studs |


| fried pickles. yum. |


| if you really take a moment to look, union station is a pretty impressive piece of architecture |


| banana & egg pancakes with strawberries for breakfast |


| my tiny sister with a tiny dog…just this. but also, she’s in town for a visit! |