good buys

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I’ve got three things for this installment of good buys.

first up is this slip-on pair of chucks. I’ve always liked the low profile of the original, but as someone with a wide foot, they weren’t always the most comfortable or the easiest to get on. these fit my feet better – I think they’re wider in the toe box – and the slip-on factor makes getting into these a breeze. they’re incredibly comfy, with minimal rubbing on my pinky toes during the first wear (which lasted half a day!), and none at all thereafter. I was worried the stretchy heel might keep slipping off, but I haven’t had that happen at all. I usually wear a 7.5 and that’s the size I got, so I’d say these run true to size. if you have narrower feet, you might want to size down 1/2 a size.

it’s still not really warm around these parts, but it has been raining frequently. at this point, I don’t even mind getting wet so long as it’s not freezing rain or snow. on rainy days, this longchamp bag has been a lifesaver. I usually just wear this on its own, but I know of friends who carry this around folded up inside a nicer bag and when it starts to pour, take it out and slip their nicer bags into it as a chic bag-poncho of sorts. I wore the red version of this bag all through college, and my sister now uses it to lug her books around at school, so I can attest to how durable they are, which is why I sprung for another one even though everyone and their mother is wearing it. sometimes, things are popular for a reason: they work, and they work well. this time around, I went for gunmetal, a dark, cool grey that has a life-friendly black inner liner (the light colors have white liners).

and lastly, these rain booties. can you believe that these are my first ever pair of rain boots? I have big calves, and I’ve never found a rain boot with a shaft to fit so I’ve never bought one. when I saw these online, I immediately ordered them, and I’m glad I did. not only have they been useful in keeping my feet dry on rainy days, they’re also sleek and comfy enough to be worn all day if, like me, you’re not too keen on lugging around an extra pair of shoes to change into. admittedly, they don’t have the best support so keep that in mind, but I wore them for a whole work day in which I was on my feet often, and my feet were fine. fyi: I think the leopard strap is a fun addition, but I also appreciate that they’re completely removable. I’ve removed mine as I tend to dress in monochrome, but I’ve kept them to have the option to change things up sometimes.

and you? any good buys lately?

wish list wednesday | wedge sandals

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.45.54 AMone | two | three | four | five | six

last weekend, Chicago got up to 80 degrees. eighty! 8-0! I went bare-legged, and it felt so good. it didn’t last very long – we had snow (!!!) yesterday (just a dusting, but still) and it’s lukewarm today, but I’ve gotten my first taste of bare legs, and I’m impatiently waiting for full-on sandal weather. I bought this pair and this one when both were 40% off, and now all I’m missing is a wedge. it’s been surprisingly hard to find a simple wedge with a walkable heel that’s at a reasonable price point. I’m leaning towards trying out #1, #2, and #6. I love the look of #5, too, but I’m worried it’s a little too high (4″, but with a platform).

any recommendations for a simple wedge sandal, either in black or cognac or some combination like it, with a heel between 2.5 and 3.5 inches? I’m all ears!

things I love

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I’m surprised that I love this because I’m not really into bows. but when it’s a bow this sleek in a lovely blush color, it’s a bow I love. potential wedding shoes, perhaps?…

j.crew satin bow high-heel sandals

new kicks


black pumps | silver pumps | sneakers

after months and months of not buying any shoes, I’m suddenly on a new kicks-spree. good thing these three are all quite affordable.

for dress shoes like pumps and heels, I usually buy leather shoes, both for durability and for the fact that synthetic materials don’t let your feet breathe. these two pumps from asos are exceptions. they just fit my feet too well to pass up. bonus: the heel height is a perfect-for-me 3″. kudos to those of you who can manage to stand in 4″ heels for hours; you’re made of sterner stuff than I. 3.5″ without a platform is about as high as I can tolerate these days, and for situations where I know I have to stand or walk in heels for over 4 hours, I prefer to top things off at 3″.

these two pumps are actually the first heels I’ve bought in close to a year. I’ve become a complete flat/low-to-mid heel convert. maybe it’s just me getting old, but even though I may make cow eyes at the 5″ pairs, it’s their 3″ and lower cousins that come home with me 9 times out of 10 these days. these tartan slip-on sneakers are from topshop. insanely comfortable, they go with my almost daily uniform of nice top + black jeans and I’m loving that they’re so darn easy to slip on. perfect for days when I’m running out the door (aka every day). the slip-on sneaker trend is one I’m fully on board with for spring. bonus: when fashion moves on in the next season, you’ll be left with a comfortable pair of shoes. win win.