loving right now


perfume | mascara | earrings | watch | tee

a perfume that smells like the ocean. I have been looking for this scent for years. while beach-inspired fragrances are not uncommon, I’ve found that fragrances that truly capture the ocean are harder to come by. what I love about this scent is the hint of salt and earthiness that mingles with the more typical watery notes, and the fact that this does not have any hint of a sunscreen/coconuty note. call it nostalgia, but this smells exactly like the ocean by my hometown – I think it’s the seaweed note that really brings it home for me. (bonus: the bottle & color are gorgeous!)

a waterproof mascara that doesn’t give me raccooon eyes. my lucky streak continues in finally chancing upon a long-searched-for product. I love makeup, but I don’t have the time to reapply or worry about things smudging, whether I’m busy on the floor or just out and about in my personal life. #aintnobodygottimeforthat I’ve always been envious of my girlfriends who can wear any mascara from the drugstore and have lashes for days that stay put, but I’ve never had such luck, aside from the L’Oreal Telescopic waterproof, which, of course, is now discontinued. ::side eye emoji:: prior to this discovery, I was using the YSL Faux Cils waterproof, which gave me all the volume I wanted but sometimes I still had a small amount of flaking/smudging. so far, Monsieur Big  has been completely flake- and smudge-proof. I’ll let you know if that changes, but so far, it’s love.

demi-fine jewelry that won’t break the bank. it’s nice to see more & more retailers offering demi-fine jewelry. it’s a great option for those of us who want some pieces of jewelry that are higher quality but still budget friendly. aside from these hoops, my husband also bought me this necklace, and I’m really pleased with the quality of both pieces.

a watch with a cause. along with my wedding rings, I wear a watch every single day. as someone who prefers using a watch to tell time, I feel naked on the rare occasions I forget to put one on. I have several watches in my collection, the newest of which is this mon amie healthcare watch. aside from being a beautiful watch that looks good, I love that it’s also a watch that does good. being a nurse and a future women’s healthcare provider, this watch has such a special meaning to me as it provides one year of prenatal care to a woman in need. (p.s. all health watches are 20% off for Mother’s Day with code ‘MAMA20’ – the new mesh version is so lovely!)

a tee that combines 2 of my great loves: nursing & languages. I squealed when I saw this tee. scrubs should be, first & foremost, functional, but it doesn’t hurt when they’re pretty, too. as a treat to myself for nurses week, I bought myself a new set of scrubs and this tee.  it was just too good to pass up. (btw, would anyone be interested in a review of FIGS scrubwear? let me know!)

loving right now

loving right nowthe title says it all really. but allow me to elaborate…

a perfect-for-fall scarf | the first & only fall purchase I’ve made so far. the colors are so rich & beautiful and perfect for autumn, don’t you agree? I also love that it‘s long & soft, just like I like my scarves.

the perfect dress cardigan | I bought the black one & the grey one this past summer. I had been looking for a dressy but not too fussy cardigan to wear over dresses. these are perfect. they hit me right where I want them too, they’re sleek enough to be able to be dressed up but utilitarian enough to wear every day. I’m quite tempted to buy the white and the plum, too, just because I know I’d wear them until they died from overuse.

a book-lover’s best friend | earlier this summer, james accidentally left his messenger bag on the commute home from work…the bag that had, among other things, our kindle. when amazon was running one of its promo sales on the kindle, I jumped at the chance to replace it. this new version doesn’t look all that different from the one we had before, but I’m loving the touchscreen functionality, sleeker size, and better graphics. now that I have some time to read books for sheer pleasure, this has seen nonstop use.

artichokes (aka summer in a jar) | I’m mad for them. I like the ones in a jar from trader joe’s, but I also like them roasted, fried, sauteed, alone or in a salad…you get the gist.

burberry beauty @ sephora | finally. mostly online only, but that’s better than nothing. I’m relatively new to burberry but the handful of pieces I have from their beauty line are well-loved & used regularly. I snagged this vib rouge exclusive box set as a “congrats on nursing school” gift to myself.

have a good weekend! whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s lovely!