in stores now | lilly pulitzer for target

lillypulitzerokay, I lied. this collection isn’t actually in stores now. it won’t be in stores & online until april 19, but if you haven’t already discovered it for yourself, the lookbook is live, & there are so many good things. I have to preview this collection now because I have a feeling it will be quite popular.

it’s perfect vacation beach wear for women & kids, plus some really adorable housewares to boot. I wasn’t sure how well I was going to like this collection since a lot of lilly pulitzer’s line is just a little too out there for me (girl who loves grey, remember?), but I was happily surprised to see really great options that are just the right amount of summer cheer without being overly matronly or kitschy. these are my top picks, but it was hard to whittle it down to a reasonable number. I’m really into pineapples, so those sandals & that juicer are calling my name, that bikini set is sweet & would look great under that blue cover-up, and how adorable are those swizzle sticks?

anything catch your fancy?

in stores now | banana republic


all the new spring arrivals are always so pretty! just before a new season starts, I always check out my go-to stores and go through their new collections. I edit it down to my top 12 choices or so and keep them in my virtual cart so that they’re all in one place, making it easy for me to check back now & again to see if anything has gone on sale. it’s a great way to stay on task & budget – I don’t bother looking at anything other than my top picks. I figured it would be a fun little series on the blog that could also be helpful to some of you. first up: banana republic. they’ve really stepped up their game in the last couple of seasons, and I’m loving their clean, modern offerings.

I’m all set for spring, but I’m eyeing these shorts, these jeans, & this crossbody for the summer.

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