cheap thrills: recent target finds


I know, I know…all of target could pass as a cheap thrill, but that would make for a massive collage, so here’s (a more reasonable) 5 fun finds from the bullseye that have come home with me.


pom pom & wooden beads garland, $12.99. my husband may be skeptical of a) what exactly this thing is and b) what it’s for, but it’s a winner in my book. keeping in line with the rest of the opalhouse line, it’s got that bohemian/global eclectic feel. as someone who finds herself mostly on the opposite of the design spectrum, I’ve been really surprised how much I really like the line. I’ve gotten a couple of other pieces aside from this garland (you’ll see them in future blog post featuring our apartment soon), and they’ve added little pockets of whimsy that I find charming in our otherwise modern Scandinavian meets mid-century modern apartment.


blush pink clock, $9.99. this little gem can be hung upon the wall or placed on the tabletop using the included easel. an offering from the project 62 line, its clean face and retro vibe is more of what we typically go for, but the blush pink colorway makes it stand out against our palette of woods, blues, whites, and yellows.


black phonograph, $16.99. another offering from the project 62 collection, this phonograph speaker actually does amplify the sound from your phone and call me crazy, but I swear it makes it sound a little raspy, which I really like. sound function aside, it looks really sleek and arresting. I had several people ask me about it as I was carrying it out to my car!


tassel clutch, $19.99. this little clutch is just too cute. the tassels are super fun and a little diva-esque, but the straw body and slightly oversized shape of the clutch keeps it from being too fancy all around. it comes with a little slip pocket on the inside and a detachable wristlet strap.


made-for-instagram rosé, $12.99. ok, this technically isn’t exclusive to target, but I did find and buy my bottle at my local store, so I say it counts. also, like a lot of places, target gives you a 10% discount on purchases of 6 bottles of wine or more at a time, but did you know that you get an additional 5% off if you use a redcard?! it makes sense since that’s the discount you get for using a debit or credit redcard in general, but for some reason I never thought about it applying to alcohol. now we all know – cheers! ;)

this post is not sponsored (ha! I wish!).  I just like all of the a lot of things at target.

cheap thrills: dove body polish


don’t you love it when you find something that just ticks all the boxes? works well? check. looks pretty? check. smells good? check. oh and cheap, too? check, check, check! I tried a sample of the new dove body polish crushed macadamia and rice milk and after quickly using it all up, I promptly went and bought the full-size version (blue tub), along with the full-size tubs of the other two options: pomegranate seeds & shea butter (pink tub) and kiwi seeds & cool aloe (green tub).

first up: the scent. these smell delicious. the macadamia and rice milk version smells like confectionary, in the best possible way. not too cloying, but definitely in the gourmand family. it’s definitely a scent that would lend itself well to the cooler months because it has that sugar cookie/good things in the oven vibe, but it’s not so overpowering that you couldn’t use it in warmer seasons. the kiwi option in a word is fresh. the scent is definitely reminiscent of kiwi, but with a healthy dose of cool, fresh water thrown in – must be the aloe! the pomegranate option smells very fruity and tropical. it smells good, but it was a little too strong and one-note for me. the scent isn’t a deal breaker, but it’s definitely my least favorite of the three.

the packaging. I’m a sucker for packaging, and I like the way the tubs have been designed. the lids are your typical twist-off cover, but I love the colorways they’ve chosen for each scent and that the product itself is the same color. the colors are light and springy. I also really like that they made the tubs wider – it really helps with the opening/closing and general handling when your hands are a little slick in the shower. plus, it makes scooping out product a breeze – there’s plenty of room to get as little or as much as you want.


the results. I would say these polishes are a good beginning/maintainance polish. they’re not the scrub you should reach for if you want some serious exfoliation, but they do do enough that you can feel a difference after one use. the fact that it’s on the gentler end of scrubs isn’t a bad thing – I think it would work well for those with skin on the sensitive side, as well as for sensitive areas. I like that it isn’t harsh and that I can choose the level of exfoliation to some degree by changing how much I use and how hard I scrub. I also really like that it doesn’t feel like you’re layering a sheet of paste on your skin. the particles are crushed finely, while the cream holding it together feels more like a mousse texture than your traditional body wash. it washes off really nicely and leaves a soft scent that lingers for a little bit.

all in all, these do a nice job and are a steal at $5.99 a pop.

have you tried these yet?

cheap thrills | target striped d’orsay flats

 you may have heard me say this before, but I’ll say it again: I love shoes. sneakers, flats, heels, sandals…you name it, I love it. I often stick with the tried & true neutrals for my clothing, but with shoes, I’m more open to colors & styles. of course, all that shoe love can get expensive, so it’s always a thrill when you find some cute & comfortable shoes at a reasonable price, like these flats from target.

these d’orsay flats from target are lovely. in the short amount of time I’ve had them, they’ve become one of my favorite pieces in my spring capsule wardrobe.the stripe pattern is perfect for spring, as is the d’orsay cut. I find them to be really flattering on my flat, wide feet, and the cut of the toe portion is generous – even in the afternoon when my feet swell up, they don’t cut into sides of my foot. as for comfort, they do have some padding, and I find that they’re way more comfortable than another pair that cost over twice as much. I don’t know if I’d wear this for a day of consistent, non-stop walking, but for a day of running errands & grocery shopping, they held up for me. as other reviewers mentioned online, they did rub on my ankle a little when they were new, but that’s true for me with any flat.

it also comes in a brown/black color option, and is currently 20% off. if you’re on the hunt for a cute, affordable d’orsay flat, I’d recommend this one.

p.s. if regular ballet flats are more your thing, check these out. I tried the striped pair on in store, and they fit well, with plenty of room in the toe box & a snug but comfortable elastic ankle grip.

cheap thrill | nivea in-shower body lotion

I do love me some high-end products, but there’s nothing quite like the (cheap) thrill of finding a winning product in the budget-friendly aisles of the drugstore or target. this in-shower lotion is definitely a winner for me. to be honest, when I ran across it the first time, it seemed gimmicky (there are only so many ways you can reinvent lotion, after all). but my skin was going through a major dry spell, and I figured that one more chance to lotion couldn’t hurt, so in the cart it went. I’m so glad I took a chance because it’s been great. I put it on after my regular body wash and let it sink in for the same amount of time it takes me to let my conditioner sink in. then I rinse it off right before I leave the shower.

keep in mind, this won’t take the place of regular lotion if your skin is really dry. what it does do is provide an extra layer of moisture that can then be built upon with other lotion products. I’ve been layering it with this, but on days when I’m lazy or running late, by itself it keeps me from being ashy, which is always appreciated. I love that it’s an in-shower product since I find that I’m less likely to skip it since it feels like it takes no extra time to do one more thing when I’m already in the shower doing everything else.

if, like me, you hate the feeling of putting lotion on when you’ve just stepped out of the shower (cold liquid against damp skin…ugh), then this product is worth a try.