thank you thursday


thank you

diptyque pine bark holiday candle c/o James | diptyque feu de bois candle c/o James | diptyque rose duet candle c/o Jesse (limited edition; check diptyque stores) | yankee candle balsam & cedar candle c/o James | diptyque baies room spray c/o Mr. & Mrs. Conway| l’occitane almond supple skin oil c/o KC | l’occitane extra gentle lavender soap c/o KC | nails inc. gel effect polish c/o KC | fresh sugar shine lip treatment c/o KC | sephora ultimate moisture kit (serum  + instant moisturizer) c/o KC (check stores) | clinique take the day off cleansing balm c/o KC | lush bath bombs and and bubble bars  from me to me | hourglass ambient lighting palette from me to me

You may have noticed that this week, I had no wish list Wednesday post. The reason for that is today, there’s a thank you Thursday one instead. It seemed appropriate, both because of Thanksgiving being just around the corner and because of the generosity of so many people who made my birthday on Tuesday such a lovely day with their birthday wishes and gifts. I would be remiss not to highlight them, so here they are, along with things I treated myself to. Everyone loves presents, but aside from the really awesome things you receive, what I love about them is the thought that went into them. It’s such a warm feeling to know that people you love care about what you love and care enough to remember your likes.

Thank you to my parents, for wonderful birthday meals. Thank you to my future in-laws who sent an open-ended present my way with a card that read “buy yourself something fun”. Thank you to my sister who gave me an afternoon of makeup heaven with a Sephora gift card sent all the way from college. Thank you to James and Jesse who gave me a night of sushi and caipirinhas, and an impressive stash of candles (picked out themselves!). Thank you to everyone who sent birthday greetings my way.

So much love and goodness.

Thank you.

five & twenty



I turn twenty-five today. I feel good, like I’m ready for the next step in my life. It’s a good feeling.

I’m a big fan of lists, and as my birthday drew nearer, I started to think of all the things I wanted to get done in my twenty-fifth year. Some are huge, some are small.

one | go to the Philippines with James.

two | apply and get accepted to nursing school.

three | get married.

three | become more flexible (my knees!).

four | maintain a skin care routine.

five | take a bubble bath once a week.

six | read more. I used to be an insatiable reader, and I’d like to start the addiction again.

seven | get healthier.

eight | be more spontaneous.

nine | learn to forgive easier.

ten | take a cooking class and learn some mad knife skills.

eleven | learn to live more simply and with less.

twelve | volunteer more.

thirteen | bike more.

fourteen | drive less.

fifteen | expand my musical horizons.

sixteen | finally watch the star wars trilogy.

seventeen | finally watch the lord of the rings trilogy.

eighteen | spend a day wandering in a new neighborhood.

nineteen | be more confident.

twenty | learn to bake.

twenty-one | buy more flowers.

twenty-two | drink more water.

twenty-three | be more patient.

twenty-four | be a better partner and friend.

twenty-five | call my grandmother more often.

Have a happy Tuesday!

wish list wednesday


A birthday edition of wish list Wednesday this time around. My 25th birthday is on the 12th, and here are some things that would be icing on the cake. This wish list is a bit more ambitious money-wise than I normally go for, but it is a wish list, and a birthday one at that, so why not wish big?

iPhone 5s & case. I’ve surprised myself by actually thinking I might want the gold and white version. I’m not really a gold person, but this gold is a bit more matte and “brushed” as opposed to 80s decadence. of course, no use in having a pretty phone if it’s going to get dinged up, so this leather one will provide some protection without the bulk.

non. je ne regrette rien print. Edith Piaf would be proud. I’m trying to make this my new motto. we all make mistakes and wish that we had done some things differently, but all of those things contribute to who we are and who we’re becoming. I wouldn’t want to trade the experience for perfection, so ultimately, no, I regret nothing.

winter candles. I love the way a fresh pine tree smells, but our apartment is too small for a real Christmas tree. these candles will give me the scent I’m missing out on.

glass pharmacy jars. I’m a sucker for storage, a double sucker for pretty storage. these jars would lend a touch of vintage to our ultra-modern bathroom.

beauty updates. the cold air is well and truly here to stay, and I’m adjusting my makeup/skincare routine accordingly. I’d like a serum to layer under moisturizer for added anti-dryness protection and a winter-appropriate foundation with more coverage. this balm protects my lips and gives them the loveliest pink tint. this almond body oil is amazing in every way. the scent is intoxicating, yet not overpowering, and it’s sure to do wonders for my skin post-warm shower. lastly, I’ve been dying to try nails inc.’s porchester square and it happens to be the included shade in this set of minis. how cute are they?

 the perfect bag. ah. this would take the price for present I want most. I’d trade in everything else on this wish list for this, including the iPhone update I actually need (my phone freezes on the daily now). it’s a lot pricey so I’m thinking I’ll keep saving my pennies until Christmas, but like I said, why not wish big?