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lifelatelyso, long time no see. I didn’t mean to fall off the face of the earth, but nursing school is intense. we finally got a little breather with the thanksgiving holiday, so I’m popping in to say hi and give a little glimpse in to what life has been like lately. I hope you all are well, and I’m wishing you all a lovely thanksgiving with your families!

listening to…what everyone else is listening to. I’m so happy adele is back. since I’m not quite ready to listen to christmas songs quite yet, I’ve been perfectly happy to listen to her album instead. 25 is quite good and quite different from 21. my favorite track is ‘rive lea’. what’s yours?

obsessed withthese earrings from saressa designs designed in collaboration with kate from the small things blog. I also ordered the stud version. these are so, so good…and apparently everyone agrees, because they’re constantly being ordered faster than rachel can make them. these would be a perfect gift for a great woman in your life, like your mom, best friend, sister…or you. ;)

usingthis owl pattern blood pressure setup. it makes me smile every time I use it. nurses do serious things, but it’s nice to have a little whimsy to make the hard days a little easier. it does what it’s supposed to, it was reasonably priced, and it’s a hit with my patients.

slathering in…new-to-me skincare products. my sister gave me a sephora gift card for my birthday, so I took advantage of that & a discount to re-up on some new beauty & skincare items. I plan on doing a more in-depth feature on these items over winter break, but let me just say that they’re keepers. first aid beauty‘s ultra repair cream is amazing at keeping my eczema patches at bay…I have my eye on the larger size once this travel size runs out. and this cleanser from ole henriksen & this moisturizer from the korean brand belif are all sorts of awesome. my skin has been eating them up.

wearing…these adorable & insanely comfortable sperry for j.crew duck boots. my parents were kind enough to give me some funds for my birthday, so these came home with me. I have a slightly higher plaid version of these boots from a previous year that I love, so I bought these as a less heavy-duty slip-on option that could still stand up to snow & the cold.

reading…garance dore’s book, love x style x life. this is a beautiful, stylish, honest, & funny book. I’m a fan of hers, so this was a real pleasure for me to read, and I found it to be refreshingly candid & straightforward. it also looks really lovely on a shelf or coffee table and would be totally gift-worthy.

deciding on…save the date card designs for our wedding next year (!). I’m leaning towards doing a clean, DIY option. this custom stamp is a strong contender.

beauty on the go

panmakeup2tools || blush brush | eyeshadow brush | foundation brush | concealer brush | eyeshadow blending brush | eyelash curler | travel pots | powder brush | makeup bag

makeup || ysl mascara (no. 1) | laura mercier artist’s palette (old; new version) | bobbi brown lipgloss (petal) | burberry concealer (no. 4) | dolce & gabbana perfume | chanel blush (malice) | burberry eyeliner (no. 1) | chanel lipstick (antigone) | chanel powder (no. 30) | oribe hairspray

panmakeupwhen I travel, I end up taking the products that I use the most in my everyday life. I pick my favorite blush, eyeliner, mascara, powder, & perfume. for eyeshadow, I either pick 1 or 2 of my favorite single shades or a single eyeshadow palette. as for lip products, I usually pick a neutral & something with a little more color, usually with one in gloss form and the other as a lipstick. if I’m going on a low key, casual vacation where I don’t really need to dress up with a full face of makeup, I’ll just bring along a pressed base that’s quick & easy. since we’re going out to dinner to a nice restaurant one of the nights out here, I also decanted a little bit of liquid foundation and face primer into travel pots. for the same reason, I also threw in a mini hairspray in case I want to do something with my hair.

for tools, I stick with an eyelash curler, 2  eyeshadow brushes, a powder brush, a blush brush, a foundation brush, & a concealer brush.

IMG_1775everything non-liquid gets tossed into this adorable & roomy makeup bag. I love that it’s compact but is large  enough to hold full-length brushes. my liquids get tossed into one of these, which goes into my personal bag, making it easy to take out for security.

what’s in your travel makeup bag?

f/w skincare updates


one | two | three | four | five | six

while I’m loathe to put anything on my face besides sunscreen in the summer, I really get back into the pleasures of a skincare routine when the weather comes back ’round to getting cold. the cleansing/slathering/scrubbing that I find oppressive in the summer heat becomes comforting &  luxurious in cooler weather. here are some things I’m itching to try out come autumn:

one & two | true story: I first discovered le labo in the bathroom of a hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. I was there for my college roommate’s wedding, and they had le labo products in the bathrooms. I was really drawn to rose 31, which was surprising to me because I’m not really a fan of rose scents. this one, though, was the farthest thing from the overly powdery rose scent I was expecting it to be. it’s musky, intense, a little dark, & a lot sexy. I’d wear the lotion all the time and then layer it with the perfume for the evening.

three | during the colder months, I’m all about moisture, moisture, moisture. I’m a fan of clinique‘s gel moisturizer, so this overnight one seems like a good bet. I’ve yet to try it, but it’s on my list for sure.

four | ah, aesop. the packaging alone is drool-worthy. last Christmas, I splurged and bought their resurrection hand wash. I’m down to the last quarter of the bottle, and I’m doing my best to make it last because once that baby’s done, good ol’ regular soap is going in to that lovely bottle. but I might splurge on the hand cream version instead. ;)

five & six | the part of my skincare routine that I most want to overhaul is the cleanser. the cleaner I currently use is ok; it does the job, but I want something a little bit more. this cleanser & serum duo are certainly more ($$$, that is) but I’ve read rave reviews from numerous sources across the web and from friends who’ve tried them. perhaps a worthy purchase to throw a gift card at to lessen the sting?

fall lips

fall lipsone (boy gorgeous)  | two (oxblood) | three (bright plum) | four (plum) | five (iced pomegranate)

happy friday, everybody!

when I think of fall lips, I think of dark berries – plums, cranberries, juniper berries, cherries, etc. the deeper, more intense red shades seem so right for cooler weather. my favorite berry (and one of my holy grail picks) lipstick is burberry‘s oxblood. I’m in the hunt for another one, specifically a deeper, more burgundy cousin to oxblood. despite the name, oxblood is surprisingly beautiful in a lighter-than-expected kind of way. it’s definitely a berry, but it’s softer and not quite as intense as the name might suggest (see it on me here). I’m looking for one that takes the intensity up a notch. laura mercier‘s lip parfait in iced pomegranate might just be the one. I quickly tried it on in store, and I immediately loved the formula – smooth, easy to apply, no tugging. the color is beautiful – it’s a deep, matte, wine. so, so good. the marc jacobs and bite options look sumptuous, too, and I have a good track record with burberry, so I might have to check those out before making the final decision.

what’s your fall lip color of choice?

sephora beauty insider sale purchases


mask | lipstick | brush | nail polish set

hello, friends! I’m sorry it’s been a little quiet around these parts…I jetted off to san antonio for a much-needed vacation, and I had fully intended to put some posts up while I was there…and then life happened. I was so, so sick just prior to leaving and while I did get well enough to fly on a plane, I wasn’t quite 100%. the warm, texas air helped, as did not having anything pressing to do, but I found myself too easily fatigued from the smallest things. I took many naps in between eating lots of barbecue and just let things go. I’m much better for it, but I did miss my little corner of the web here. I’m much, much better, although I still have frequent coughing fits that just won’t quit. I have plenty of photos from texas to share, but I’m still working on getting those all together, so today’s post is on what I ended up getting from the sephora beauty insider sale that ended yesterday.

I’m pretty proud about how I really kept a tight list this time around. I’d been wanting this concealer brush for awhile now, so it was on the top of my list. I was also looking for a great orange-red for the warmer months, and when I saw this from clinique, I was sold. the color, the name, the packaging…everything is just too adorable. I also picked up this little nail set from nails inc., which has quickly become a favorite nail polish brand for me. it comes with a base coat, an illuminator, and a soft pink shade, all from their nailkale line. the last thing I picked up was this mask from caudalie. I’ve been having really dry, uneven skin on my face that I’ve been trying to deal with for the past couple of months. my makeup wasn’t applying right, everything looked uneven, and I was just a little bit frustrated by it all. I’ve tried a couple of masks recently, but none were winners in my book, so I decided to give this one a try. I’ve only used it once, but after one use, I think it’s love. I’ll keep you guys posted. reviews on all of these items will find their way to the blog once I’ve actually received them (the only thing I bought in store was the mask) and had the chance to give them a fair try.

did you pick up anything from the sale?