the friday five


happy Friday! the weekend is here, and I can’t wait…it looks to be a good one. my sister is back for the last couple of weeks of her summer, so we’ll hang, James and I are painting our new bedroom (after taking forever to decide on a color), Boston is less than a week away…and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has begun for everyone. I always try to pick up some of the pricier fall things I might want/need during this sale because the prices are great. this week’s friday five is made up of the top 5 things I’m eyeing. have a great weekend!

sale highlights


| I love everything about this topper…the color, the shape, the fit, the price |


| such a cool jacket…in comfortable leather-trimmed wool |


| definitely not a need, but isn’t it lovely? |


| what can I say? I’m a sucker for wool and leather, doubly so when they’re paired in a chic way, like on this jacket |


| I’ve been wanting a a pair of riding boots for years. this one has the potential to fit my big calves, fingers crossed. |

wishlisted | black & white with a touch of blue


one j.crew embroidered scallop dress | two giantlion bar studs | three essie nailpolish in strut your stuff | four j.crew dulci pumps (love the color & the kitten heel) | five kate spade 17-month agenda

we are right in the middle of our move, which means packing, packing, dumping, cleaning…and more packing. all of our free time is consumed by packing, so I haven’t been doing very much shopping, online or otherwise, save for a few necessary things. but there is a light around the corner – the packing has to get done sometime soon, and we’re going to Boston next week to visit James’ family, which will give us a much needed reprieve from the daily chaos. aside from meeting up with old friends and hanging with family, James and I are planning on wandering around the city for a day, taking in the sites, eating lots of seafood, and doing some window/real shopping. maybe one or two of these babies will come home with me…

one j.crew embroidered scallop dress | two giantlion bar studs | three essie nailpolish in strut your stuff | four j.crew dulci pumps (love the color & the kitten heel) | five kate spade 17-month agenda

things I love | essie haute in the heat


those of you who follow on instagram would have seen this shot, but I wanted to do a little shout out on the blog, because I’m loving the color, and I couldn’t be more surprised. I tend to go for barely there nudes and neutrals; moody, dark greys and blues; and a red or coral here and there. pink is usually not on my tips. in fact, I own only two other pink shades in my stash, and they end up on my toes 99% of the time. but I saw this color on the shelf at target, and I found myself taking it home. I still wasn’t convinced that I liked it even as I was applying, but when it all dried and set, it won me over. it leans more towards a warm, tame reddish-pink in the shade or out of direct sunlight, but as you can see, it’s this lovely raspberry in the light. if the color wasn’t lovely enough, the formula is fantastic – this was almost perfect at one coat and spot-on at two coats.

james and I did some paint sampling the day before I snapped the picture, so my nails are looking a little worse for wear, but at least they’re pretty, right? ;)

wish list wednesday | all things beauty


I’ve been pretty good about not adding anything new to my stash of makeup. it’s helped that the weather is now too hot to wear a lot of anything, including on my face. but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been stockpiling things in my virtual shopping cart; I just haven’t pulled the trigger.

these new nars eyeshadows are calling my name loudly – they look absolutely gorgeous. I’ve mentioned wanting that eyeshadow palette before, and yup, I still want it and it’s still not mine (see? I told you I’ve been good). I’ve gotten more and more into hair products ever since I got the best haircut of my life, and the new bumble and bumble invisible oil line is really piquing my interest, the oil and primer, especially. soft, frizz-free hair without any added weight or oiliness?! yes, please. I’m running out of concealer, and I’m tempted to try the laura mercier secret concealer because of the many great reviews and because lately, my undereye area needs all the help it can get. and as for the bump fix, it is well and truly swimwear season…enough said.

playing favorites | june

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.43.06 AM

I have no idea how it’s July 1 already, but that means June has come and gone, which means time for the monthly roundup of favorites.

starting with hair, I’ve been loving the surf collection from bumble and bumble. I bought the travel set for our trip to the Philippines back in February, and while I really liked it then, it’s now become the MVP of my hair routine in the past month as the weather has gotten hot and hotter. I have oily hair, and as you can imagine, humid & hot mixed with oily hair = hot mess. this has really toned down the oil and has even let me get away with second-day hair without looking like a grease bucket. I don’t find the shampoo and conditioner to be drying, but the spray definitely is. I’m okay with it as it gives me the longevity and beachy texture I like in the hot weather, but I make sure to do a cleansing and deep conditioning treatment once a week to give my hair a break.

on to nail polish, I’ve worn either chanel fracas (limited edition)  or butter london macbeth on my toes for the past month. fracas is a cheery pink, deep enough in color to not look childish but vibrant enough to be season appropriate. macbeth is the perfect orange/red with a touch of pink and looks amazing against a tan. if I had to choose my top 10 nail polish favorites, this would be on there. love.

as for makeup, I’ve been very minimal this month. I work in an office with no air conditioning and no exterior windows, so in the summer, I wear as little makeup as possible to save myself from looking like a melting mess. I’ve been skipping mascara altogether and just curling my lashes, dabbing a little balm or gloss on my lips, and using this eyeshadow palette from almay. the brown shade is the perfect all-over lid color. I usually just use it on its own, but if I want a little contrast, I add a little bit of the purple to the crease and inner corner, which brings out the brown in my eyes. the formula is great – creamy, doesn’t flake, and doesn’t crease on me even without primer. plus it comes in a compact plastic case that makes on-the-go application a breeze.

and lastly, the non-beauty favorites. I bought this sweater from old navy earlier in June. I thought it would be a great lightweight coverup for the 4th, and I guess a lot of people thought the same since it’s now sold out online. :(. the material is soft and comfortable, and the stars are in a really cute design. the picture doesn’t show it, but there’s another star on the back just over the shoulder. I’ve worn it once already for the USA vs Germany World Cup match, and I’m looking forward to wearing it again, especially on the 4th. I’ve also been loving this necklace. I love that it’s interesting enough with the metal and cord combination while still being light and easy to wear with more casual outfits. I liked it so much that I bought the coral version when it came back in stock.

what have you been loving lately?