cheap thrills: recent target finds


I know, I know…all of target could pass as a cheap thrill, but that would make for a massive collage, so here’s (a more reasonable) 5 fun finds from the bullseye that have come home with me.


pom pom & wooden beads garland, $12.99. my husband may be skeptical of a) what exactly this thing is and b) what it’s for, but it’s a winner in my book. keeping in line with the rest of the opalhouse line, it’s got that bohemian/global eclectic feel. as someone who finds herself mostly on the opposite of the design spectrum, I’ve been really surprised how much I really like the line. I’ve gotten a couple of other pieces aside from this garland (you’ll see them in future blog post featuring our apartment soon), and they’ve added little pockets of whimsy that I find charming in our otherwise modern Scandinavian meets mid-century modern apartment.


blush pink clock, $9.99. this little gem can be hung upon the wall or placed on the tabletop using the included easel. an offering from the project 62 line, its clean face and retro vibe is more of what we typically go for, but the blush pink colorway makes it stand out against our palette of woods, blues, whites, and yellows.


black phonograph, $16.99. another offering from the project 62 collection, this phonograph speaker actually does amplify the sound from your phone and call me crazy, but I swear it makes it sound a little raspy, which I really like. sound function aside, it looks really sleek and arresting. I had several people ask me about it as I was carrying it out to my car!


tassel clutch, $19.99. this little clutch is just too cute. the tassels are super fun and a little diva-esque, but the straw body and slightly oversized shape of the clutch keeps it from being too fancy all around. it comes with a little slip pocket on the inside and a detachable wristlet strap.


made-for-instagram rosé, $12.99. ok, this technically isn’t exclusive to target, but I did find and buy my bottle at my local store, so I say it counts. also, like a lot of places, target gives you a 10% discount on purchases of 6 bottles of wine or more at a time, but did you know that you get an additional 5% off if you use a redcard?! it makes sense since that’s the discount you get for using a debit or credit redcard in general, but for some reason I never thought about it applying to alcohol. now we all know – cheers! ;)

this post is not sponsored (ha! I wish!).  I just like all of the a lot of things at target.

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