presents newly graduated nurses would love




after 3 years of intense study, I am 6 weeks away from finishing nursing school! I cannot wait. after getting asked so many times by family and friends about graduation presents I’d like to receive, I figured it was finally time to go ahead and do a legit visual gift guide for the new nurse. here’s what made my list:

healthy snack subscription | as a nurse, every day is unpredictable and taking a break to eat sometimes gets pushed back for awhile. to fend off getting hangry/hypoglycemic, I always keep snacks on hand. I’m not above snacking on the occasional candy bar, but I try to keep my snacks somewhat healthy. having snacks delivered to my door has been a lifesaver for the rotations when grocery shopping was next to impossible. healthy & convenient = great gift.

fancy stethoscope | this was the gift I requested from my parents. I had a perfectly good stethoscope that I used all through nursing school, but getting a more sensitive stethoscope is probably the most classic graduation present for someone in health care, and my parents wanted to gift me something substantial. I had my married name and future title engraved on the bell for that extra touch.

apple watch | any watch with a second hand will do, so this is definitely not a necessity but would make an awesome gift nonetheless. I actually got the apple watch 2 Christmases ago from James, and I have loved using it on the floor. I love being able to quickly and discreetly scan texts and emails without taking out my phone, and I like that it keeps track of my activity level throughout the day as well. I use mine with a silicone band (tons of options on amazon, no need to buy the $50 version from Apple) to make disinfecting after a shift as easy as wiping with an alcohol swab.

portable chargers | of course, what good are fancy gadgets if they don’t have any power? this portable charger is the size of a tube of lipstick – perfect for scrub pockets! – and this keychain makes charging the apple watch on-the-go a breeze. don’t forget the lighting cable!

fleece jacket | hospitals/clinics tend to be cold, so I always like having an extra, no-fuss, versatile layer hanging around. I love these jackets from Columbia.

no-sweat tumbler | for all his/her hot/cold beverage needs. I love that I don’t have to worry about condensation and that it keeps my coffee hot and my water cold for hours. get it in stainless steel for 25% off through June 4. you can also personalize it here (free with purchase through 6/4) or make it part of a set by tossing in a gift card and some reusable straws.

phone wallet | nobody has time to look after a wallet while on the floor. I keep my license, my debit card, and my gas card in this case in my daily life, but on the floor, it comes in super handy whenever I make a quick coffee run down to the cafeteria.

compression socks | because standing on your feet for 12 hours is no joke. my legs feel so much better after a shift when I wear these, but they’re expensive. gifting a pretty pair or two would be a surefire hit.

lunch box* | ironically, eating healthy isn’t exactly my forte. I’ve worked on eating better by bringing my lunch most days. I love this lunchbox – it’s big enough to hold 12+ hours worth of food containers. I can easily fit 2 average sized glass containers, 3 or 4 cans of sparkling water, some snacks and pieces of fruit, with room to spare. plus, I love that they can be personalized!

something snarky | because to do nursing day in and day out, you have to be willing to laugh – and at yourself, too! :)

ID reference cards | handy for reviewing some concepts, especially when you’re new to the floor and trying to find your bearings. love that they just clip on to your ID badge for whenever you need a little bit of a refresher.

fellow nurses, any gift ideas I missed? let me know below – I’d love to see your recommendations!

enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

*full disclosure: I am an independent consultant for thirty-one, but I loved and bought their products before I became a consultant. short&lovely readers can receive free shipping and 10% off their order placed here through May 30. send me an email at after you’ve placed your order, and I will apply the discount retroactively.

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