spring wishlist

I know, I know. it’s only february. but then again, it’s only february and I’m already beyond ready for some warm weather. aside from purchases for school (compression socks, anyone?) and the random replacement purchase (think black cardigan to replace the one somebody shrunk in the dryer), I haven’t really added anything to the wardrobe. I have some time yet before spring makes its way around here and a new capsule wardrobe is required, but these are the holes in my wardrobe I’d like to fill in the new season: a slouchy grey tee; a light-colored, lightweight cardigan; slip-on sneaks; espadrilles; a fun, casual bag; and a pair of dress-up/dress-down wedges. I’m realizing now that this list is shoe-heavy, but even james agrees that I’m overdue for replacements of some well-loved pieces.

tip of the day: when your guy tells you you need new shoes, you need new shoes.

what are you eyeing for the spring?

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