wardrobe essentials

  grey tee | white tank | striped tee | slouchy sweater | white button-down

chambray | black jeans | white jeans | dark jeans

knit dress | ankle boots | wrap cardigan | leopard flats

ever since getting serious about simplifying, I’ve been thinking about what I consider “essentials”. for more serious things, essential = vital. for more trivial things, like my wardrobe, essential = basic. I used to think that “basic” sounded so lackluster, the opposite of special. but when I think about how they’re the most hardworking, most well-loved pieces of my closet upon which everything else is built, it brings to mind perhaps a more accurate definition of essential: indispensable.

these are the pieces that feel the most “me”, the pieces that require no thought at all but still make me feel put together. and so, if I had to cull my capsule wardrobe down to only the pieces that were indispensable, these are what would make the cut.

what are your wardrobe essentials?

dry skin saviors


as mild as this winter has been (knock on wood), my skin is still as dry as a desert. in the past I wouldn’t care as much about doing something about it, but as I’ve gotten older and ever since I started to have instances of eczema, I’ve really taken the time to hydrate my skin properly, especially in the cold. these are my go-to dry skin saviors.

for exfoliation, nothing beats the l’occitane pate delice in my book. I’ve tried other body scrubs and they were all either too harsh, left behind a residue that I didn’t care for, and/or smelled weird/too strong. this one is none of those things. the smell is amazing. it’s almond-scented without being cloyingly sweet. it leaves my skin feeling soft & new without irritation, and it washes off cleanly.

and on to the lotions. kiehl’s creme de corps is such a lovely product. it doesn’t feel greasy, moisturizes really well, & leaves behind such a nice sheen on the skin while still being matte. I don’t know how it does it, but it does. aside from doing all of that, it also doesn’t feel thick at all; in fact, it almost feels like you’re wearing nothing! I use it all over my body. I use the first aid beauty ultra repair cream as an extra layer of hydration over eczema-prone or incredibly rough spots and when I’m having a little bit of an eczema recurrence. I love that you can use this all over the body, too, as well as the face!

 what are your go-to products for dry skin?

simplifying | the nail polish stash

copper tray: target

nail polish is one of those things that lends itself well to collecting. they come in a million different colors, are pretty to display, and have that dangerous mix of luxury & affordability. at the peak of my nail polish hoarding days, I’m sure I had close to, if not over, 100 bottles.

my collection is a little leaner now, though not as lean as I’d like. I’m rocking a bare nail 99% of the time these days since I can’t wear nail polish when I’m at clinicals, so I could weed out a bit more. in the meantime, this is all the polish that has made the initial cut. although I have a handful of higher-end bottles, I’m more of a drugstore girl when it comes to polish – it’s clear I have a soft spot for essie. nails inc. would come in at a respectable second.

off the top of my head, some of my favorite colors are essie’s chinchilly, dress to kilt, & hip-anema, nail inc.’s porchester square, and burberry’s oxblood. maybe I should just keep these 5…?

spring wishlist

I know, I know. it’s only february. but then again, it’s only february and I’m already beyond ready for some warm weather. aside from purchases for school (compression socks, anyone?) and the random replacement purchase (think black cardigan to replace the one somebody shrunk in the dryer), I haven’t really added anything to the wardrobe. I have some time yet before spring makes its way around here and a new capsule wardrobe is required, but these are the holes in my wardrobe I’d like to fill in the new season: a slouchy grey tee; a light-colored, lightweight cardigan; slip-on sneaks; espadrilles; a fun, casual bag; and a pair of dress-up/dress-down wedges. I’m realizing now that this list is shoe-heavy, but even james agrees that I’m overdue for replacements of some well-loved pieces.

tip of the day: when your guy tells you you need new shoes, you need new shoes.

what are you eyeing for the spring?