a may wedding


happy monday! hope your week is off to a great start. I’m taking things a little bit easier today as our weekend was busy with wedding planning. I bought my wedding dress on saturday morning, then we had dinner with our friend jesse that evening, during which we informed him that in addition to being one of the groomsmen, he would also be the unofficial MC. we spent the night in his apartment then the following morning, we did some light grocery shopping before heading over to one of my closest college friends’ apartment to ask her if she’d be a bridesmaid (she said yes, phew). after that, we sort of decided to pick out wedding bands on the spot in between the two playoff football games, so we did just that. james’ band came home with us the day of but mine had to be sent off to be resized. I’ll have pictures up once I get them in. james opted for a tungsten ring and I opted for a thin 3/4 diamond band with a prong setting.

it’s been a little surreal & exhausting getting all these plans made and/or checked off in the past couple of weeks, but we’re having a blast doing it at our own pace & as stress and drama-free as possible. we want to enjoy these few months before our marriage & really take the time to appreciate this moment in our lives.


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