new year’s intentions


did/do you do new year’s resolutions? there have been some years when I have & some years when I haven’t. this year falls somewhere in the middle – I don’t have hard & fast goals, but I do have some general intentions for the year that all center around the concept of simplicity.

one of the best life lessons that being in nursing school has taught me is that life, when it’s being lived to its fullest, naturally streamlines everything to the essentials. anything superfluous or unnecessary gets relegated to some other day or some other time in order to give priority to what is important here & now. my life kept getting pared down & pared down as the semester ramped up, and while I was most certainly running at full speed, life felt simpler & more clear. the work was hard but I was enjoying it, and when I did have rest, I found myself  craving simple pleasures: more sleep, more coffee, more time with the people I loved. other things & other things to do fell to the wayside, and I discovered that I mostly didn’t mind.

when the semester was over, my life got a little bit less busy, but in a weird way, it got more complicated. it was as if all the extra time came at the expense of losing some of that focus & clarity. funnily enough, extra time made me antsy and instead of lingering in bed or over a cup of coffee, alone or with a friend, it made me restless & wanting to fill the space with things or activities that I really didn’t need or want, deep down.

so that’s what I want to be intentional about this year: keeping my life simple & focused as much as possible, uncluttered by things, unhelpful thoughts, & meaningless activities. I’ve been ruminating just how to do that in my personal life, my professional life, my presence here on the blog, and my life as a student. as the thoughts brew & (hopefully) revelations come, I’d love to share them here.

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