in the mood for fall

fallmoodI’m close to finishing my fall capsule wardrobe, and I wanted to share the mood I had on my mind when I was pulling pieces together.

fall is without a doubt my favorite season. I love the way the air smells, how the leaves burst into a riot of colors, and that everything seems pregnant with possibility. I wanted to capture that energy, that sense of vibrancy in my clothing, so I opted for some pieces infused with dark reds & deep oranges.

I also love coming in from a brisk walk to a cup of coffee, and the way holding the mug in your hands slowly warms your fingers. there’s something magical about a perfectly made cappuccino, that perfect blend of smoothness & bitterness. I’m really into rich shades of brown lately, from dark chocolate to a classic cognac.

since I start school in just over a month, comfort & ease were also a priority. I wanted clothes that were simple, pieces that would make me ready to face a day of work, school, & study at a moment’s notice. I know I’m going to be working hard, so I want my clothes to be as easy as breathing.

lastly, I feel this energy in my gut, this need to hustle, to sweat, to get things done. after feeling dormant for so long, it’s like I’m ready to come out & take no prisoners. it’s as if there’s a crescendo inside of me that makes me think of the El coming around the corner on ancient tracks that can barely keep up. look out world, here I come. so there’s a little bit of edge in my wardrobe, too, in the form of a healthy dose of blacks, dark blues, & greys.

hey, fall. I’m ready for you.

images via death to the stock photo

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