food for thought | the true cost

truecosta couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to watching the true cost, a documentary about fast fashion and the price of having cheap clothing. I don’t want to get preachy, because God knows, I’m in no position to lecture, but I do want to say that it really hit home for me. one of the lines from the movie that really stuck with me went something like this, “there are two types of things: things you use, and things you use up. we’ve turned the things we use into things we use up, so they’ve become disposable, and so we always have to buy more to replace them.”

before seeing the doc, I had slowly begun to transition away from that kind of mentality. I still buy occasionally from fast fashion stores, mainly old navyzara for various reasons, but I try to buy less & less often. watching this doc has made me pay even more attention to what clothing I buy & how often & for what purpose. very few of us, myself included, are in a place where we can buy everything fair trade and/or organic. but I’ve found that big changes start with little tweaks here & there. I’m starting with what I choose to purchase for the upcoming season, and I hope to build on that little by little.

if you haven’t seen the true cost, I think it’s a must see. if you’ve seen it already, what did you think?

food for thought is a series on short & lovely that highlights more serious-leaning topics & issues with the intent of fostering honest & respectful discussion.

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