f/w skincare updates


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while I’m loathe to put anything on my face besides sunscreen in the summer, I really get back into the pleasures of a skincare routine when the weather comes back ’round to getting cold. the cleansing/slathering/scrubbing that I find oppressive in the summer heat becomes comforting &  luxurious in cooler weather. here are some things I’m itching to try out come autumn:

one & two | true story: I first discovered le labo in the bathroom of a hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. I was there for my college roommate’s wedding, and they had le labo products in the bathrooms. I was really drawn to rose 31, which was surprising to me because I’m not really a fan of rose scents. this one, though, was the farthest thing from the overly powdery rose scent I was expecting it to be. it’s musky, intense, a little dark, & a lot sexy. I’d wear the lotion all the time and then layer it with the perfume for the evening.

three | during the colder months, I’m all about moisture, moisture, moisture. I’m a fan of clinique‘s gel moisturizer, so this overnight one seems like a good bet. I’ve yet to try it, but it’s on my list for sure.

four | ah, aesop. the packaging alone is drool-worthy. last Christmas, I splurged and bought their resurrection hand wash. I’m down to the last quarter of the bottle, and I’m doing my best to make it last because once that baby’s done, good ol’ regular soap is going in to that lovely bottle. but I might splurge on the hand cream version instead. ;)

five & six | the part of my skincare routine that I most want to overhaul is the cleanser. the cleaner I currently use is ok; it does the job, but I want something a little bit more. this cleanser & serum duo are certainly more ($$$, that is) but I’ve read rave reviews from numerous sources across the web and from friends who’ve tried them. perhaps a worthy purchase to throw a gift card at to lessen the sting?

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