fall lips

fall lipsone (boy gorgeous)  | two (oxblood) | three (bright plum) | four (plum) | five (iced pomegranate)

happy friday, everybody!

when I think of fall lips, I think of dark berries – plums, cranberries, juniper berries, cherries, etc. the deeper, more intense red shades seem so right for cooler weather. my favorite berry (and one of my holy grail picks) lipstick is burberry‘s oxblood. I’m in the hunt for another one, specifically a deeper, more burgundy cousin to oxblood. despite the name, oxblood is surprisingly beautiful in a lighter-than-expected kind of way. it’s definitely a berry, but it’s softer and not quite as intense as the name might suggest (see it on me here). I’m looking for one that takes the intensity up a notch. laura mercier‘s lip parfait in iced pomegranate might just be the one. I quickly tried it on in store, and I immediately loved the formula – smooth, easy to apply, no tugging. the color is beautiful – it’s a deep, matte, wine. so, so good. the marc jacobs and bite options look sumptuous, too, and I have a good track record with burberry, so I might have to check those out before making the final decision.

what’s your fall lip color of choice?

3 thoughts on “fall lips

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