the capsule wardrobe | f/w update


trousers | sweater dress | jeans | ankle boots | l/s tee

I know, I know. how can I be talking about my fall/winter wardrobe update when I haven’t even talked about the summer version? a round-up of my summer capsule wardrobe should actually be up sometime this week (cross fingers), but I’m being real here in saying that I’m looking forward to some fall clothing, mostly because there really wasn’t a big difference between my spring capsule and my summer capsule (which I’m ok with it) and I pretty much wore dresses every day. between work and classes and everything else, I just kept reaching for dresses over & over because, like I said, they’re easy. I’ve realized the past 2 months that while I do care about fashion & style, the ease of dressing might be the #1 thing for me. so as I’m gearing towards preparing for the fall, I’m looking to fill gaps in my wardrobe with easy pieces. I’m going back to basics and picking up pieces that I know I’ll wear nonstop. to stand up to the constant wear, I’m eyeing good quality pieces with a budget of $300. between sales & birthday money, I think that that’s doable, even with more expensive pieces.

have you been thinking about fall?

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