the capsule wardrobe | f/w update


trousers | sweater dress | jeans | ankle boots | l/s tee

I know, I know. how can I be talking about my fall/winter wardrobe update when I haven’t even talked about the summer version? a round-up of my summer capsule wardrobe should actually be up sometime this week (cross fingers), but I’m being real here in saying that I’m looking forward to some fall clothing, mostly because there really wasn’t a big difference between my spring capsule and my summer capsule (which I’m ok with it) and I pretty much wore dresses every day. between work and classes and everything else, I just kept reaching for dresses over & over because, like I said, they’re easy. I’ve realized the past 2 months that while I do care about fashion & style, the ease of dressing might be the #1 thing for me. so as I’m gearing towards preparing for the fall, I’m looking to fill gaps in my wardrobe with easy pieces. I’m going back to basics and picking up pieces that I know I’ll wear nonstop. to stand up to the constant wear, I’m eyeing good quality pieces with a budget of $300. between sales & birthday money, I think that that’s doable, even with more expensive pieces.

have you been thinking about fall?

monday memo

ican'twas there ever a shirt more appropriate for a monday than this one? oh, and yeah…who’s with me?! :)

hope your monday is as good as mondays can ever be. ;)

p.s. this week is my last week of classes!


summer dressing

dresses&sandalsdresses: fit & flare | shirtdress | maxi

sandals: wedges | lace-ups | embellished

a dress & a pair of sandals is my summer uniform. there is nothing easier than a dress when it comes to putting together an outfit – no need to worry about a top & bottom; it’s one and done! this has come in handy this summer where I’ve needed to get dressed & out the door in as little time as possible. the funny thing is, dresses and I have a love-hate relationship. it takes me a whole lot of trial & error to find a dress for my body, but once I do, it becomes a classic in my closet. all three of the dresses above are in constant rotation. I wore the fit & flare dress (in a different print that’s now sold out) to a friend’s wedding with a cardigan, the shirtdress to a staff meeting, and the maxi for all the days this summer where it’s been too darn hot to wear much else. I love all three, but I have to rave a little about the maxi – it has a slit on the side, which makes walking & climbing stairs so much easier, as well as adding a little sexy detail. the petite length is spot on for me without needing alterations. when j. crew factory had a massive sale a couple of weeks back, I ordered the black, tried it on, fell in love, and then ordered it in the dusky blue and a turquoise. you know the dress is a winner when you have it in 3 colors & they all get used at least once a week.

I’m of the opinion that the more classic/basic the dress, the more liberty you have to amp it up with the shoes. I tell myself it’s ok I’ve worn all of these dresses to death this summer because 1) capsule wardrobe – go me! and 2) I change up the shoes. the wedges are so comfy (and now madly on sale!), the lace-ups are a good edgier option, and who doesn’t want a pair of embellished sandals to liven up the most basic of outfits?

what’s your summer uniform?