loving in…june

lovingjunehello, friends! the blackhawks championship parade is today, so as you can imagine, everyone & their mother are in the city. my metra express train this morning was packed. it’s supposed to be a wet one again today, but a little rain isn’t going to stop this party. aside from the hawks, here’s a roundup of some of the other things I’m loving this month.

one | florence & the machine’s new album is the soundtrack of my life right now. great album cover, great album.

two | I’m a fan of the original bumble and bumble surf spray, but I may love this (very similar) new version even more. it still gives my hair that windswept, beachy look but is a little less drying. the scent is the same, which is good because nothing says summer quite like the smell of salty ocean air.

three | humidity is a full face of makeup’s kryptonite. I don’t even bother with liquid bases this time of year if I can help it. I prep with some sunscreen & a little moisturizer, some concealer as needed, and top it all off with this. done & done.

four | I’m going to come right out and say it: this is the perfect nude lipgloss (in petal). not sticky, not gloopy, just the right amount of my-lips-but-better color that you can actually see (even on my pigmented lips).

five | and of course, da hawks! after decades of drought, we’ve been spoiled lately. I, like the rest of the city, am absolutely thrilled.

3 thoughts on “loving in…june

  1. fivezero

    I must listen to Florence’s new album!

    Congrats on the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup win. As a Toronto resident, I know better than to hope for anything…

    1. Hes

      you absolutely must…the album is fantastic!

      I feel for you…the Leafs are over overdue! the hockey gods must be inundated with requests from y’all. :)

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