good reads | lady of the eternal city, the fifth gospel, & the girl on the train

goodreadsI took advantage of the extra time I had while on vacation to read a couple of books that I’d had on my list for awhile. between the flight there & back and while sitting in the passenger seat while we drove through texas hill country, I managed to finish these 3 books.

lady of the eternal city | I’m a huge fan of historical fiction…it combines my inner history geek & my bookworm selves in one; what’s not to love? I discovered kate quinn while browsing on amazon about 2 years ago, and since then, I’ve read all of the empress of rome novels, of which lady of the eternal city is the latest book in the series. set in the reign of emperor hadrian, it centers on his empress, vibia sabina, their relationship, and their relationships with their inner circles. if you’re a fan of reading about ancient rome like me, this one is a fun read. I also recommend reading the previous books in the series if you end up liking this one. what’s nice is that while the books are related, each book stands on its own & can be read individually without necessarily having to read the other books.

the fifth gospel | I enjoyed reading ian caldwell’s the rule of four when it came out years ago. this is his new novel, and I really enjoyed reading it. the story is focused on two brothers, both of whom are priests, with one being roman catholic and the other being eastern (greek) catholic, and who find themselves affected by a mysterious murder. as  the daughter of two ministers, the passages on gospel readings & church history were a treat, but even if you’re not religiously inclined, the mystery at the core of the plot was compelling on its own. if you like bookish, intellectual mysteries, this is a good book to check out.

the girl on the train | and last but not least, this year’s gone girl. I read this on the flight down, and it made the 3-hour flight go by in an instant. the main narrator is rachel, the eponymous girl on train who’s a depressed, recently divorced alcoholic who’s obsessed with a couple she sees from the train every day at a specific stop. what I found really compelling was that even though she’s a complete mess & a highly unreliable narrator, I couldn’t help but root for her anyway. I honestly didn’t see the ending coming, so it really was suspenseful for me until the end.

what have you read lately?

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