sentimental jewelry

jewelry6there are pieces of jewelry in my collection that are priceless to me for their sentimental value. they hold pride of place in a special drawer in my jewelry box. whenever I see them, I can’t help but smile as I’m reminded of the people & memories that they represent.jewelry4this necklace belonged to my mom’s great aunt, whose birth month was also november. when she passed, my mother gave it to me and let me know that it had been earmarked for me since I was born.

jewelry3this ring is special, not just because it has my name, but because of its provenance. I left the philippines when I was 6 and didn’t return until I was 12. on that occasion, my aunts all took their gold rings and had them melted down to create this band as a belated birthday present. they said it was for 6 years’ worth of birthdays that they had missed. the goldsmith in my hometown in the philippines then engraved my name and the design by hand. jewelry9these two pieces were both presents from james in the early days of our relationship. the ring has 3 little sapphires and marked our 3-month anniversary which fell on Christmas Eve and marked our first Christmas together. the necklace was the first valentine’s day present he ever gave me. he told me how he had gone to the tiffany store and nervously picked out the charm and chain with the help of a nice sales assistant. I can’t believe we’ll have been together for 7 years come this september.


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