wedding planning

weddingjames & I have been engaged since december 2012, and ever since, people have wondered when we’re getting married. don’t tell anyone…but we’re planning for next year, in may or june. but can I let you in on a little secret? I’m not too keen on the idea of a big wedding. I’ve been to many weddings, both in the bridal party & as a general guest, and the brides are always stressed & just want it to be over. I know that that’s not true for everybody, but I know that being stressed is not what I’m going for.

my dream wedding would be in an intimate setting with our nearest & dearest, with good food, good music, & everybody having a good time. I’d like it to be outside in the early summer. I see myself wearing a very simple dress with a kick*ss pair of shoes & flowers in my hair, slow dancing with my guy, laughing & having a good time.

simple. easy.

we’ve begun checking out places in earnest, and I think we may have found the spot, fingers crossed. we’re taking it one thing at a time and keeping the decisions & looking just between the two of us for now.

for those of you who have gotten married and/or are planning a wedding now, how did it go/how is it going? any advice you’d care to share? am I naive to think I could have an easy, stress-free wedding? I’m all ears!


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