the capsule wardrobe | spring 2015

spring2015capsulewardrobethe moment you’ve all been waiting for (ha!): my capsule wardrobe for spring. I’m so happy with what I ended up picking. I’m loving the lighter, airier feel of this edit. even though I didn’t go completely away from my beloved neutrals, there are pops of soft colors sprinkled throughout. it’s a softer & brighter version of me, which is exactly how I feel in real life.

going into spring, I knew that I would have to pick up a decent number of new pieces. a lot of my warmer weather pieces were looking old and needed replacing. after taking stock of my closet and my bank account, I made a budget of $350. when I really committed to doing a capsule wardrobe at the beginning of janury, I started a little fund in anticipation of these purchases (I just held on to spending money I would normally spend over the course of a month (~$85), plus stockpiled some gift cards from over the holidays).

the rundown on all the pieces is below. items marked with an * are newly purchased; items whose name are in color are items that are similar to the one I own (I did this when I couldn’t find the picture of the exact item in my closet). you can click on the images to enlarge them.

if I had to choose my top 5 favorite pieces, it would be the trench coat (three words: polka dot lining), the white long-sleeve tee (the longer hem in the back is genius), the grey vest (for endless layering possibilities, plus I feel like a bad-ass when I wear it), the floral midi skirt (it makes me smile just by looking at it), & the white dress (I love it so much I kind of want to get married in it!). oh, and that marled sweater from lou & grey (sadly from last season)…it’s pretty much my favorite warm weather sweater of all time.

if you guys have any questions or comments, drop me a note below. I’m so smitten with my closet right now & would welcome any excuse to talk about it.

who’s ready for spring?

spring15topslou & grey marled sweater (old; similar) | j.crew factory navy striped sweater | banana republic graphic tee (sold out; other options) | old navy pink gingham button-down | old navy blue oxford | old navy white oxford | old navy grey vintage tee  | old navy white vintage tee | loft printed navy blouse | athleta asana white long sleeve tee | ann taylor grey striped tee (old; similar) | loft ikat blouse

spring15bottomsbanana republic distressed jeans | gap white jeans | gap light blue jeans (old; similar) | loft grey ponté pencil skirt (old; similar) | old navy pleated mini skirt | old navy floral midi skirt (old; similar)dressesspring2015loft white jacquard fit & flare dress | old navy striped long sleeve jersey dress (old; similar)

layersspring2015topshop long grey vest | lou & grey white waterfall cardigan (old; similar) | old navy striped jersey blazer (old; similar) | old navy blush jersey blazer (old; similar) | old navy trench coat (sold out; similar) | lands’ end rain jacket (old; similar) | old navy green utility jacket (old; similar)

spring15shoesj. crew grey suede booties | dv by dolce vita black slip-on sneaksvince camuto cage heels | target d’orsay flatsold navy oxfords | j. crew smoking loafers | zara black low-heel sandals | chooka ankle rain boots |  j. crew factory leopard flats

by the numbers:

disclaimer: I wanted to be very up front & honest about how all of this came together, including talking about how much everything cost. I think it’s helpful to know, but please know that this is my experience/budget/lifestyle & that it won’t necessarily look like your experience/ budget/lifestyle…but that’s the fun part! everyone’s different, and we can all share & learn from each other and tweak as necessary.

  • 37* total pieces: 12 tops, 7 bottoms, 2 dresses, 7 layering pieces, & 9 pairs of shoes

*one more than I thought…but 37 is a good starting number, don’t you think?

  • 14 new pieces, 23 recycled pieces
  • number of shopping trips: 4*, spread out over 3 weeks

*more specifically, 2  big trips, 1 small trip, and a couple of online purchases that I’m lumping together to equal one trip. I did all my old navy & loft purchases when they had their respective 40% off sales, and I picked up two items from j. crew factory on a third trip. the online purchases were the sandals from zara, some old navyloft items I couldn’t find in the store in my size, & the j. crew boots (I tried both pairs of shoes in-store but purchased online because of convenience/price). I hope to streamline this process in the future, but not too bad considering I’m a noob at this (wink).

  • money spent: $356 including taxes*

*I thought I was going to go over budget as I really loved those suede booties from j. crew (see next section), but with the help of a major sale, I got them for a steal and stayed on-budget (give or take $6). as I build up a collection of capsule wardrobes, I hope to eventually just purchase a handful of items each season to mostly replace well-worn pieces that look a little worse for wear. while these new pieces might be more expensive individually, I’m fully expecting to spend & acquire a lot less over the course of a whole year than I have in past years.

*these new babies replaced a pair of similar nine west booties I had had for 6 years. they were so dirty & gross (I really should have replaced them at least 2 years ago) but oh-so-comfortable. I wanted this pair badly as soon as I saw them in the catalog…but at $228, they were a bit steep. I ended up purchasing the the first time around for $172 with a coupon code & a rewards card, but ended up returning since I had bought them a half size too large and because even at $172, they were still too expensive. but sometimes things work out for the best. I found a pair in the right size last week. they were marked down to $170 plus an additional 40% off of sale in store and I had a $25 rewards card…bringing them to $85 with tax. I may have done a little happy dance.

  • most inexpensive item: the old navy vintage tee, $3 (with a sale & coupon)
  • oldest item: the pair of gap light blue jeans (similar), 4 years old

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