the capsule wardrobe | spring color palette inspiration

springinspohere it is: my spring wardrobe color palette. looking at it just makes me so happy & excited about the season to come. there’s a lightness to spring that feels like a second life after a long, cold winter…and I wanted that reflected in my life through my clothes. to be honest, I didn’t expect my palette to be so…colorful! I’ve still got my grey & other neutrals in there, but I’m really, really loving blush right now, as well as an achingly soft blue. it all feels a bit romantic, and I’m loving it. I was heavily inspired by this picture of natalia vodianova & this art print. I pored over that editorial – the interplay of light, color, & the model was just perfect. and can we talk about those tulips? they’re one of my favorite flowers and that blue is just so, so good. I love the close-up of the petals – so graphic and yet so delicate at the same time. it makes me think of someone about to blow & make a wish.

this spring corresponds with a season in my life where I’m embarking on something new & hopeful after a long time of dormancy & hibernation. it’s been a hard fought renaissance, and I want to bask in the glow and just bloom.

I’ll be posting about some of the central pieces in my spring wardrobe and how I considered my lifestyle when choosing them next tuesday, and then the tuesday after that (the 24th), I’ll have my spring capsule wardrobe up, fingers crossed.

are you doing a capsule wardrobe?

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