cheap thrill | nivea in-shower body lotion

I do love me some high-end products, but there’s nothing quite like the (cheap) thrill of finding a winning product in the budget-friendly aisles of the drugstore or target. this in-shower lotion is definitely a winner for me. to be honest, when I ran across it the first time, it seemed gimmicky (there are only so many ways you can reinvent lotion, after all). but my skin was going through a major dry spell, and I figured that one more chance to lotion couldn’t hurt, so in the cart it went. I’m so glad I took a chance because it’s been great. I put it on after my regular body wash and let it sink in for the same amount of time it takes me to let my conditioner sink in. then I rinse it off right before I leave the shower.

keep in mind, this won’t take the place of regular lotion if your skin is really dry. what it does do is provide an extra layer of moisture that can then be built upon with other lotion products. I’ve been layering it with this, but on days when I’m lazy or running late, by itself it keeps me from being ashy, which is always appreciated. I love that it’s an in-shower product since I find that I’m less likely to skip it since it feels like it takes no extra time to do one more thing when I’m already in the shower doing everything else.

if, like me, you hate the feeling of putting lotion on when you’ve just stepped out of the shower (cold liquid against damp skin…ugh), then this product is worth a try.

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