cheap thrills | target striped d’orsay flats

 you may have heard me say this before, but I’ll say it again: I love shoes. sneakers, flats, heels, sandals…you name it, I love it. I often stick with the tried & true neutrals for my clothing, but with shoes, I’m more open to colors & styles. of course, all that shoe love can get expensive, so it’s always a thrill when you find some cute & comfortable shoes at a reasonable price, like these flats from target.

these d’orsay flats from target are lovely. in the short amount of time I’ve had them, they’ve become one of my favorite pieces in my spring capsule wardrobe.the stripe pattern is perfect for spring, as is the d’orsay cut. I find them to be really flattering on my flat, wide feet, and the cut of the toe portion is generous – even in the afternoon when my feet swell up, they don’t cut into sides of my foot. as for comfort, they do have some padding, and I find that they’re way more comfortable than another pair that cost over twice as much. I don’t know if I’d wear this for a day of consistent, non-stop walking, but for a day of running errands & grocery shopping, they held up for me. as other reviewers mentioned online, they did rub on my ankle a little when they were new, but that’s true for me with any flat.

it also comes in a brown/black color option, and is currently 20% off. if you’re on the hunt for a cute, affordable d’orsay flat, I’d recommend this one.

p.s. if regular ballet flats are more your thing, check these out. I tried the striped pair on in store, and they fit well, with plenty of room in the toe box & a snug but comfortable elastic ankle grip.

words for the week

oscarliving in luxury = living in gratitude.

there are so many things to be grateful for…including mondays. wink.

here’s to a great week!


in stores now | lilly pulitzer for target

lillypulitzerokay, I lied. this collection isn’t actually in stores now. it won’t be in stores & online until april 19, but if you haven’t already discovered it for yourself, the lookbook is live, & there are so many good things. I have to preview this collection now because I have a feeling it will be quite popular.

it’s perfect vacation beach wear for women & kids, plus some really adorable housewares to boot. I wasn’t sure how well I was going to like this collection since a lot of lilly pulitzer’s line is just a little too out there for me (girl who loves grey, remember?), but I was happily surprised to see really great options that are just the right amount of summer cheer without being overly matronly or kitschy. these are my top picks, but it was hard to whittle it down to a reasonable number. I’m really into pineapples, so those sandals & that juicer are calling my name, that bikini set is sweet & would look great under that blue cover-up, and how adorable are those swizzle sticks?

anything catch your fancy?

best of the web | 3.28.15

carolinehappy weekend, everybody! it’s not quite warm weather season in chicago, which has made getting dressed very tricky. so many pretty pieces in my spring capsule wardrobe that I want to wear badly but have been too chicken to brave the cold. we’re looking at a pretty relaxed, uneventful weekend, which is just what the doctor ordered now that I’m finally over my cold. enjoy your weekend!

some of the best of the web


things that made my week

thingshappy friday, friends! I’m bummed by the chilly weather we’ve been having lately…especially since one day not too long ago, the temperature was 72 degrees. 72.degrees. spring has to come, right?! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

the things that made my week

  1. the new under armour store just opened up on michigan avenue, and I’m excited. I’ve been really liking all the colorful designs they’ve been coming out with. I just bought this as my new gym bag.
  2. I was able to grab a real “sit-down & talk” breakfast with my guy earlier this week, which is something that doesn’t happen very often. it’s the little things.
  3. I’ve been eyeing all the pretty bags that are coming out. I’m eyeing this one for summer. the color made me smile.
  4. I finally finished reading Bossypants, and it.was.glorious. review coming soon, but let’s just say I’ve never enjoyed myself while waiting 3 hours for my car to get fixed like I did while reading this book.
  5. the sun’s been coming out more & more now, and this sunset from downstate was really beautiful.