good buys | wide-calf knee-high boots


if you’re a regular around these parts (thank you!), then you’ll know that I struggle to find knee-high boots to fit my wide calves. but, in November right around my birthday…I finally found a pair. then, when I was in Boston, I found another pair (in grey). I can’t tell you how incredibly giddy I was to finally end a years-long search for any knee-high boot that would fit.

I thought I’d give you guys the details in case you or someone you know is still searching high & low for your glass slipper, so to speak (for reference, my calves are about 18″ wide at their widest point). the only potential downside is that neither one of these is made of real leather, but having worn them for awhile now, I can say that the vegan leather & suede are pretty durable and I’m kind of glad they’re not real leather so I don’t have to worry about irrevocably damaging them in this snowy Chicago weather. I did purchase a backup pair of the black boots and also bought them in brown.


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