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every year around this time, I start getting antsy for spring. in addition to checking in with my closet as to what I might need to replace or add for the upcoming season, I also take stock of my makeup & skincare wardrobe. I don’t do a complete overhaul – I just assess what I’ve used up & need to replace, what I haven’t been loving & need to change, and what new items I might want to add. here are some things I have on my radar for a spring refresh to my vanity drawer.


I don’t know what happened exactly, but my skin has changed in the past couple of months to where some of my good ol’ standbys are just not cutting it. I know some of it is due to the weather, but I think some of it is just getting older and my skin changing accordingly. I’ve upped my water intake to combat some of the dryness, and I’m looking into changing up my routine with different products. I want to purchase a new bottle of this exfoliating cleanser because I’ve now used up the last bits of my old bottle, and it’s been one of 3 current items in my routine that I find still works. I’m also intrigued by this cleanser as a replacement for my current cleanser in the morning. lately, I’ve found morning cleansing to be really drying, but I still want a cleanse, so I’m hoping this will be the perfect medium.

one of the things I wanted to do this year was to slowly add more & more natural products into my skincare/makeup routine. while browsing through sephora one night in bed, I ran across drunk elephant. to be honest, I was drawn in by its name & logo, but after reading about the line, I’m excited to try it out, specifically the day serum, the night serum, the face oil, the sunscreen, and the peekee bar (so, basically everything). I’ll report back how it goes once I get around to trying them out.


I love spring nail colors…all the lovely, soft colors are such a welcome sight after a long, cold winter. this chic pink (lady) from dior‘s latest collection might just be the light pink I’ve been searching for; this collection from nails inc. has so many great colors; and I’m excited for essie‘s spring lineup (out in March; sneak peek here)…I kind of want every single color.


I actually received this perfume as a Valentine’s Day present from James, and I’ve been loving it. it’s a great transitional scent that’s not too heavy but not too light. from reviews I’ve read online, a lot of people think it’s similar to the stella by stella mccartney perfume, so if that’s a scent you love, this one will be right up your alley (funny enough, I don’t own the stella and don’t think I’ve ever tried it!). this is the first perfume I’ve added to my lineup in a long time, and it does not disappoint. I received the solid version, which is perfect for travel. I really like the design of the bottle – it’s simple, modern, & graphic.


when spring comes around, I want everything to be light & dewy, including my makeup. I eschew anything thick or heavy or anything that takes too much time. I’m intrigued by this cheek & lip stain – the color seems really pretty and possibly workable with my skin tone. I also had a chance to try out this tinted moisturizer in store on the back of my hand, and I’m thinking this will be my go-to base in the warmer months. not only did it feel like I was wearing nothing, it also felt really moisturizing. the shade spice is the perfect match for my skin.

lastly, I’m not the biggest fan of pink, but in the spring, it seems to be the only thing I want to wear, especially on my lips. I’m excited to check out the stick form of this amazing lip gloss (which is in my top 3 lip glosses of all time), the lipgloss version of one of my favorite lip balms, and ysl‘s newest addition to its gloss volupte line (also a favorite), which was also a Valentine’s Day present from James in the shade peach me love.

there are so many new makeup releases right now. are you eyeing anything?

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