a love story


as much as valentine’s day can seem like a contrived event, it can also be an excellent opportunity to really take the time to tell people just how much you love them & how much they matter. for this valentine’s day, I’d like to give a much deserved & long overdue blog post dedicated to my other half, James.

we met in college as members of the same dorm house when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. I had seen him around during orientation week since he was one of the leaders, but we didn’t really hang out or interact until our dorm’s Yule Ball in January. we had a mutual friend who asked each of us separately to take the other as a date. she told me that he really wanted to go but couldn’t find anyone to go with him and wouldn’t I be nice enough to take him? she told him that I really wanted to go but couldn’t find anyone to go with me and wouldn’t he be nice enough to take me? needless to say, we were both under the impression that we had done each other this huge favor, unaware that we had both been played by a (well-meaning) friend. I have no idea what motivated her to get us together, but she did, and I am forever grateful.

we spent the rest of that year getting to know each other as friends, and by the time we started dating the following fall, we were best friends. and that’s been the case for over six years.

these past six years have been incredible & terrifying, exhilarating & exhausting, endless fun & endless work, surprisingly easy & unbelievably hard. every emotion, every situation – we’ve seen it all. we’ve grown up together, graduated together, transitioned to life after college together, moved in together, gotten engaged to each other. we’ve gotten through unemployment together, dealt with depression together, cried over hurts together, prayed together, kissed over joys together. we’ve yelled at each other, hurt each other, asked for forgiveness from each other, and forgiven each other.

I look back on everything we’ve gone through together, and I am so, so humbled to have him by my side through all the ups & downs. he tells me I’m beautiful every single day, his faith in me is astounding, and the love he shows me is overwhelming. he makes me want to be better – a better person, a better lover, a better friend. oftentimes I fall short, but every day, I try to tell him that he’s a good man, that I believe in him, and that every day, my love for him grows a little bit deeper.

happy valentine’s day to my best friend & the love of my life.

One thought on “a love story

  1. James

    Now you’re making me cry at work! Thanks for the sweet thoughts and awesome post. I hope I keep living up to this!


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