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BR Denim

years ago, I owned a pair of black jeans from banana republic. they were perfect in every way – the color (true, true black), the shape (form fitting without being skin-tight), the amount of stretch (just enough but not too much). I found them on clearance for I think something like $15 at most, and I wore them to death. when they had breathed their last, I tried to find the exact same pair but I couldn’t. oddly enough, they didn’t have a style number or name or at least one that I could find. there wasn’t a style indicator on the inside tag and when I bought them off the clearance rack, any information tag (you know, the ones that are attached to the waistband with the size that you rip off) had long fallen off. so I moved on to the gap legging jeans, and while they’ve been a suitable replacement, they were never quite as hefty or as perfect as that sole br pair from long ago. so imagine my excitement when I received an email notifying me about their new line of denim. when I was trying to find a replacement for those magic jeans, nothing in their previous denim line fit me the way I liked, so I hadn’t really shopped there in years. their recent offerings since marissa webb took over have been promising though, so I decided to see if by chance they would be like that one perfect pair from years back and ordered a pair in black.

they arrived and while I was already half-convinced as I was putting them on that this was just a shot in the dark, once I had fully put them on and assessed my reflection in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised. the material is thicker than my beloved gap legging jeans, but still with flattering stretch. I wore them the whole day, and there was no dreaded sagging at the knee or butt. the higher rise gave ample coverage & much-appreciated figure streamlining but didn’t make me feel frumpy. the material also has a nice sheen to it that makes it look a little more dressy than your average pair of black jeans. the price point is a little higher than what I normally pay for a pair of jeans, but there is a noticeable difference in structure & feel when compared to my gap jeans (which I still love for their price-quality ratio!).

I don’t have more “premium” jeans because those are currently beyond what I’m comfortable shelling out at the moment, so perhaps this kind of jean quality is par for the course for more premium lines & I’m just new to it all, but I’m loving this new denim line. when I ordered this pair, they were on sale for somewhere around $35, so I didn’t pay the retail price, but I can say that if I had, I would have considered it money well spent. I live in jeans, and these were the best pair I’ve ever tried. in the month that I’ve owned them, their cost per wear is now nearing $2 and dropping quickly. I also bought this pair for around ~$30 with a discount after being impressed with the first pair.  I’ve worn it on casual weekend outings, and I find the quality to be consistent between the two. on a final note, I also love that this line is offered in several different cuts in a generous range of sizes & inseams, and in regular, tall, & petite. the short inseam in the skinny ankle cut fits my short legs perfectly.

what’s your favorite jean?

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