trends to try | long vests, funky earrings, & blanket capes

every season, new trends come out, and I always hold off on purchasing anything from the latest release until I’ve had a chance to really assess whether or not it’s a trend that works for my style. of the recent new trends, the three that I’ve incorporated into my style are the long vest, funky earrings, & the blanket cape.
the long vest was the style that I was most excited to see come down the runway. I’m a big fan of cardigans, and the long vest is like the cardigan’s chicer cousin. I have the grey one above. the material is ponté so it’s ultra comfortable but the cut still gives it some visual structure.
new jewelry trends are often the easiest/most safe to try out. I love the concept of an ear jacket or wearing a set of 360-degree or mismatched earrings. it makes a statement without being too in your face. the detail behind the ear & the asymmetry add visual interest without having to deal with a longer or heavier set of earrings, which works for my lifestyle where I wear studs most days. I have this pair of ear jackets (the opal is lovely), and now I’m eyeing this pair.
the blanket cape trend has come in really handy this winter. I like that it adds an extra layer of warmth without too much bulk. it’s also perfect for traveling – it’s a scarf, a cape, & a blanket all in one! I’ve been loving this one that I bought over the holidays, but for the spring, this one has lovely colors.
what trends have you been loving this season?

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