the capsule wardrobe, part 3: my color palette



looking back, it’s kind of crazy that I haven’t really done a capsule wardrobe until now because while I definitely didn’t have a capsule wardrobe in terms of number of items, I definitely had one when it came to a color palette. for this fall’s capsule wardrobe, I just went with what I already was doing naturally, so this part was easy for me.

in case it hasn’t been clear, I’m all about the neutrals. I’ve always loved black, for its timelessness and how much impact it creates paired with anything. grey (which in my mind is just the softer side of the same coin that has black on the other side) is my favorite color. I love that it can go from dark and moody, the color of a stormy sea, to light and delicate, like the down of a feather. and I can’t not wax poetic about white, pure and crisp. and there you have it, my neutral trinity.

lest you think I hate all color, I’m also drawn to reds and blues. so many good things are red – wine, strawberries, my go-to bold lipstick. etc. it’s powerful and classic. as for blues, it’s back to the ocean again – I love the water and all its shade of blues. for this capsule collection, I infused some pops of color via some key pieces in cobalt, fire engine red, inky navy, and moody crimson. et voila, my color palette. nothing too crazy, but it suits me to a T, and while I haven’t actually done this, I’m 99.85% sure I could blindly grab any two items from my closet and get dressed in the dark, and I’d walk out more or less as though I had gotten dressed in a well-lit room. this fact has me thanking God every morning at 5:00 a.m. when I’m barely awake and need to get dressed.

what colors made it into your palette?

shades of whiteindigo

pops of red and cobalt

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