coming around again


hi! long time no see. I didn’t realize it had been over a month since my last blog post, simply because these past 5 weeks have gone by in a blur. why the absence? the long of it is since july 18, James and I visited Boston, packed, moved, unpacked, now commute 1 hour and 15 minutes each way to work Monday-Friday, and are still unpacking during the weekends. the short of it is life is kind of crazy (to put it mildly) right now. there was one point about a week or so into my absence where I was a little peeved with myself about not getting everything checked off my to-do list. this lasted for about 5 seconds, until I was overwhelmed just by thinking about the sheer amount of things that had to be done and just decided to let go. for those who know me well in real life, this is big because letting go is not my thing. but in this case, it was either lose my mind or let go. so I focused on the things that absolutely needed to get taken care of, mainly my responsibilities at my full-time job, packing/moving/unpacking, and not being a completely stressed-out PITA for James. everything else got set aside, including this blog.

the time away was very much necessary. I had the time to focus on pressing, important things and more time to spend with the important people in my life, which includes myself. l read books, I thought long and hard about what changes I wanted to make in my life, sometimes I was lazy…it was lovely to have things a little bit more simple for a little while. these weeks have given me some perspective, new discernment, rest, and a new creative energy that was hard for me to find in the months leading up to the move. and now, I’m coming round again.

I stated over 11 months ago in my first post on this blog after moving to wordpress that fall for me always feels like the beginning of something new, and I feel the same way now, as summer comes to a close. I start school in a little over a week, we’re adjusting to our new living situation, and I’m writing again, here. I’m ready for a new season.

are you ready for fall?

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