wish list wednesday | all things beauty


I’ve been pretty good about not adding anything new to my stash of makeup. it’s helped that the weather is now too hot to wear a lot of anything, including on my face. but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been stockpiling things in my virtual shopping cart; I just haven’t pulled the trigger.

these new nars eyeshadows are calling my name loudly – they look absolutely gorgeous. I’ve mentioned wanting that eyeshadow palette before, and yup, I still want it and it’s still not mine (see? I told you I’ve been good). I’ve gotten more and more into hair products ever since I got the best haircut of my life, and the new bumble and bumble invisible oil line is really piquing my interest, the oil and primer, especially. soft, frizz-free hair without any added weight or oiliness?! yes, please. I’m running out of concealer, and I’m tempted to try the laura mercier secret concealer because of the many great reviews and because lately, my undereye area needs all the help it can get. and as for the bump fix, it is well and truly swimwear season…enough said.

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