playing favorites | june

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I have no idea how it’s July 1 already, but that means June has come and gone, which means time for the monthly roundup of favorites.

starting with hair, I’ve been loving the surf collection from bumble and bumble. I bought the travel set for our trip to the Philippines back in February, and while I really liked it then, it’s now become the MVP of my hair routine in the past month as the weather has gotten hot and hotter. I have oily hair, and as you can imagine, humid & hot mixed with oily hair = hot mess. this has really toned down the oil and has even let me get away with second-day hair without looking like a grease bucket. I don’t find the shampoo and conditioner to be drying, but the spray definitely is. I’m okay with it as it gives me the longevity and beachy texture I like in the hot weather, but I make sure to do a cleansing and deep conditioning treatment once a week to give my hair a break.

on to nail polish, I’ve worn either chanel fracas (limited edition)  or butter london macbeth on my toes for the past month. fracas is a cheery pink, deep enough in color to not look childish but vibrant enough to be season appropriate. macbeth is the perfect orange/red with a touch of pink and looks amazing against a tan. if I had to choose my top 10 nail polish favorites, this would be on there. love.

as for makeup, I’ve been very minimal this month. I work in an office with no air conditioning and no exterior windows, so in the summer, I wear as little makeup as possible to save myself from looking like a melting mess. I’ve been skipping mascara altogether and just curling my lashes, dabbing a little balm or gloss on my lips, and using this eyeshadow palette from almay. the brown shade is the perfect all-over lid color. I usually just use it on its own, but if I want a little contrast, I add a little bit of the purple to the crease and inner corner, which brings out the brown in my eyes. the formula is great – creamy, doesn’t flake, and doesn’t crease on me even without primer. plus it comes in a compact plastic case that makes on-the-go application a breeze.

and lastly, the non-beauty favorites. I bought this sweater from old navy earlier in June. I thought it would be a great lightweight coverup for the 4th, and I guess a lot of people thought the same since it’s now sold out online. :(. the material is soft and comfortable, and the stars are in a really cute design. the picture doesn’t show it, but there’s another star on the back just over the shoulder. I’ve worn it once already for the USA vs Germany World Cup match, and I’m looking forward to wearing it again, especially on the 4th. I’ve also been loving this necklace. I love that it’s interesting enough with the metal and cord combination while still being light and easy to wear with more casual outfits. I liked it so much that I bought the coral version when it came back in stock.

what have you been loving lately?

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