wish list wednesday | outfitting a functional, multi-purpose bedroom


I mentioned last week that I was officially a student again. when I was thinking about going back to school, I knew I didn’t want to take out new loans. so in order for me to fund school, I would have to keep working and lower expenses. our biggest expense, like most people, is rent, and after crunching the numbers and doing the math, living at home while I do my program was far and away the best way to cut back on expenses. my parents have graciously welcomed James and me back and are supportive of our plan, so we will be moving out of our apartment and into a 12 x 14 bedroom come August.

this new space needs to be both a retreat for James and me and a study space of sorts. the only way those two objectives are going to be met is through functional furniture. the bedroom comes with a 5′ closet that has decent hanging space but no shelf space save for one long shelf above the hanging rod. to give us more functionality, we’ll be adding an 8-drawer dresser that provides ample storage for folded clothes without being massive, drawer organizers to use with it, storage boxes to store linens and out of season clothes, and slim shoe storage organizers that will take advantage of the closet floor space. we’re also going to be buying some pant hangers to go with our slimline hangers to maximize the hanging space.

outside of the closet, we’ll be using a queen-sized bed that has built in storage. I’d like to add a mirror, both for its space-magnifying capability and also to help with getting dressed in the morning. this one has hooks at the back for jewelry/belts and a little clothes rack where you can hang the next morning’s clothes, so it’s adding even more storage.

and for studying, I’m eyeing this compact desk with built-in storage and the complementary drawer/file system. side by side, they take up less than 5′ in length but would give me a little corner to study and keep all of my school things in one place. since I’m anticipating having to be at a desk for a decent amount of time daily, I’d like a chair that has some back support. I’m considering this one but I’m not sold on it yet and might want to find something that takes up a little less space.

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