places I’d like to see before I die | portugal


if Spain was my first love, then Portugal is the love that comes along that reminds you just how great falling in love can be. I studied Portuguese in the very last quarter of undergrad. I picked it up quickly, due to my background in Spanish, but I found myself being charmed in all the ways it was different from its linguistic cousin. where I think of Spanish like a lyrical sonnet, I found Portuguese to be a little more fluid, with a little less meter and a little bit more ebb and flow, words and sentences rising and falling depending on what you wanted to emote. I found it to be playful, and like all Romance languages, sexy, but in a way that was more saucy and flirtatious, which I loved. I read up on Lisbon and found myself falling quickly for its old world beauty. photograph after photograph, I would marvel at how simple and timeless it looked and believed wholeheartedly that it would feel the same in person.

we’re planning on getting married next year, and my choice for a honeymoon, if we were to take one, would be to go to Portugal. Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve, and all the little towns and villages I know nothing of but would love to get to know, even for just a moment. some say that Ferdinand Magellan was born near Porto. the history geek in me would love to see the land that gave birth to the man whose arrival in the Philippines would mark the beginning of centuries of Spanish colonization. there’s something magical about life coming full circle like that.

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One thought on “places I’d like to see before I die | portugal

  1. James

    Can’t wait to go with you on another worldwide adventure! Should be a blast! Wish we were going tomorrow…

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