playing favorites | may


last month’s favorites

even though I’m naturally tan, I do lighten up quite a bit in the winter months. to bring back the glow a little quicker and more evenly when I’m transitioning from winter into spring and summer, jergens’ natural glow daily moisturizer does the trick. I didn’t use this product back when it had a much stronger smell, but I’ve heard many people comment about how the new smell is much, much better. I like the scent – it smells slightly like a tanning product but mostly just smells a little dessert-like, like a very light dulce de leche. I don’t find it overpowering at all. I use the ‘medium to tan skin tones’ version, but they also have a ‘fair to medium’ version. on me, the effect is very, very subtle. it’s more like a body tinted moisturizer for me, where it helps to even out my skin-tone until I get tan all over naturally. if your skin tone is similar to mine, I wouldn’t recommend this for a very noticeable tanning effect, but if you’re fairer, this would be a noticeable but natural-looking option.

the blush I’m currently loving is an oldie but a goodie: the nars x pierre hardy blush in rotonde from last year. it’s such a great coral that looks terrifying in the pan but is really lovely and incredibly blendable on the skin. I’ve been using it with another favorite: the nars yachiyo kabuki brush. I’ve never really found a blush brush before this one that I’ve loved using with my more pigmented blushes. this one is dense enough to pick up the color but soft and small enough to deposit it gently and right where you want it. the handle is incredibly lightweight, which also helps in the application. it is ridiculously pricey, but it is now my favorite blush brush.

another oldie but goodie: the rms beauty raw coconut cream. I’ve loved using it as a makeup remover/moisturizer on my face before, but it’s done wonders for the random dry patches I’ve been dealing with on my arms and legs recently. it’s incredibly moisturizing but doesn’t feel oily or like a layer of oil is just laying on my skin; it absorbs quickly and has really helped my rough spots heal.

one of my all time favorite drugstore/high street makeup brands is sonia kashuk, especially her brushes and her makeup bags. this one is shaped like a foldover clutch with two transparent zipped compartments. I like that it’s compact but still holds a lot of stuff, and the transparent compartments let me see all I have at once. I can find what I want instead of rummaging around for it. this is coming along with me on our quick weekend visit to my parents tonight.

I’ve been pretty good about not buying makeup, but I couldn’t resist when it came to these lip products from clarins. I’m a huge fan of their instant light natural lip perfector lip glosses. I had shade 06 previously, which is a really nice mocha nude, and I picked up shade 02, which is a lovely apricot and perfect for summer. I also picked up one of their lip balm crayons in my pink, which is one of those ph-dependent shades. on me, the color is a soft, sheer pink. these also have that vanilla-esque smell that the lip glosses do, which I love. the product is really lovely and easy, and the packaging is a sleeker version of the typical lip crayon packaging that I really like.

and lastly, I finally caved on this tote. it’s easy and cheeky, and just looking at it makes me smile. and really, aren’t those purchases the best?

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