work it out


I’ve gotten back into a workout routine, and after 10 days of consistently working out, I feel that I can now share my workout attire with some credibility. ;). I don’t believe in “dressing up” for the gym – I go barefaced, no jewelry, hair pulled back for efficiency – but that doesn’t mean I believe in throwing on whatever, either. at the gym, I dress for comfort and function first and foremost, but if I can throw in cute as a third criterion without compromising the first two, I’m all in.

starting from the feet up, I wear these kicks from nike. they fit my small but wide feet like a glove, provide support for my flat-footedness, and look pretty cute. I ran a lot when I was younger, but chronic tendonitis and weak ankles have me now opting for low-impact and high-intensity cardio instead, focusing on incline more than speed. for that purpose, these shoes have served me well. since they have a pretty low profile, I wear these socks. they don’t show at all (no-show socks that do show are a pet peeve of mine), stay on my heels, and don’t add any bulk. since I’m focusing mostly on weight-training and low-impact cardio, I don’t need the most supportive sports bra. this one provides enough support to keep things under control without making me feel constricted. I stock up whenever they go on sale. now that the weather is warming up, I’m favoring shorts and racerback tanks. I like the old navy and gap shorts and these tanks. I’ve raved about them before, but the entire breathe line from gap is so comfortable, is of good quality, and washes well. lastly, hydration is key when working out. I like these bottles from bkr. I love the different colors the covers come in (mine is peach), the no-taste glass, and the tilted lid handle that makes carrying it a breeze. I also have the 1L bottle for all-day drinking.

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