the friday five


this week’s highlights


| my new favorite summer beer |


| the latest addition to my budding elephant collection |


| on my vanity |


| the cheeriest yellow tulips blooming in my living room |


| a souvenir from door county |

happy friday! I’m kicking the weekend off with a relaxed night in watching the Hawks play in their second round series. tomorrow we’ll be going to a derby/birthday party in the afternoon after running some errands in the morning. I’m looking forward to a low-key weekend. I hope yours is lovely.

3 thoughts on “the friday five

  1. lyddiegal

    The elephant ring dish is adorable. I have a giraffe ring dish that I love. Nothing is better than fresh tulips this time of year. I want them every week!

    1. Hes

      that giraffe dish sounds adorable – I’ve yet to see one! and yes, I’ve been buying a bouquet of flowers every week!

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