the friday five


happy friday, everybody!

in a few short hours, James and I will be heading up to Wisconsin for a little weekend getaway. I’m beyond ready for a little r&r. the weather’s going to be a little chilly, but we’ll be right by the lake, so I’m happy.

and here’s the first friday five roundup:

one | I got my hair cut and colored yesterday, and it turned out exactly as I wanted. plus, I think I may have found my go-to hairdresser. new hair debut coming soon.

two | I wore suede loafers last week when the weather was hotter than I thought it would be (now it’s cold again, boo!). I kept them on as long as I could before dashing into the nearest old navy and walking out with these. some impulse purchases are bad; some impulse purchases are good. this was the latter. super cute, super affordable, and they got me my first sandal day of the season.

three | I am insanely obsessed with these scallion pancakes from trader joe’s. so good, so easy to make. I’ve been having two of these for dinner every other night. it hits the spot when I’m craving asian but don’t want to actually make a dish or order one in. I <3 trader joe’s.

four | it only took three years, but after getting HBO for free for a little while as a “we’re sorry” from our cable company, James and I are well and truly hooked into Game of Thrones. so much so that in the event we’re not caught up by the time the free period ends, James has been making noises about maybe keeping the darn thing. the GoT marathon is on.

five | I ordered this necklace about a month ago, and it finally came in. handmade in the USA, it became my favorite necklace the moment I put it on.

have a lovely weekend!

the friday five is a new weekly feature on short&lovely featuring the handful of things that were the highlights of my week. coming at you every friday, because friday is the highlight of every week.

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