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most of my jewelry hangs out in little trinket dishes inside drawers in our bedroom. this is a concession to the fact that we have a small apartment and things start looking cluttered if we have too many things out. it’s also a concession to the fact that I live with a guy, and since our bedroom is a shared space, I don’t want to make the room so overly feminine with all of my things out. the things that I do have out are constrained to my vanity, a little dish on my nightstand, and the top of my alex drawers, as shown above. I originally just had a stand holding my statement necklaces, my perfumes, and a candle on there until this past weekend when I brought home this jewelry tree  to use as storage for my dangling earrings. I’ve been attempting to wear more of my longer earrings. I tend to just reach for a pair of studs every day because they’re easy, but I’ve been neglecting the rest. as the weather warms up though, I’m wanting to wear pretty earrings again. there’s just something about the way a pretty pair catches the summer light, you know? I’m drawn to simpler styles in soft blues, whites, and peach tones that are around 1″ to 1.25″ long, but occasionally, a longer, more bold pair catches my eye, like the green pair to the top left.

how do you store your earrings/jewelry?

IMG_1530 IMG_1534 IMG_1536IMG_1535  IMG_1533

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