monday memo


oh, boy. this weekend was a tough one. just when you think you’re moving along and making progress, something happens that shows you that you’re actually right back where you started. but while this weekend had a lot of tears and sadness, I find myself this morning choosing to put it behind me and start anew. Henri Nouwen happens to be one of my dad’s favorite theologians, so I ran across this quote from him many times when I was younger, but I never really took the time to really get what it means to choose joy and to keep on choosing it. it doesn’t mean that you don’t grieve. it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel pain or sadness. those things are part of life, too, and each has its own time and purpose. I think it means that you keep on keeping on, that you can be in a place that is the opposite of joy where tears are falling, but you pick yourself up, wipe them away, and begin again with a renewed hope that things will heal, goodness will prevail, and joy will come in the morning. that’s hard.  harder than I thought it would be when I read this quote years ago, for sure. but I’m taking it one day at a time…

starting with this monday. ;).

have a good one.


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