have a lovely weekend


from my instagram

I am so happy it’s Friday. this week has been a tough one, but the week before Holy Week always is when you work at a church! I’ve been pulling 8 am-11 pm days this week, and it shows. I’m looking forward to a glass of wine and some quality time with my guy since it feels like I haven’t done much other than say “hi” and “bye” this whole week. speaking of my guy, he surprised me yesterday with a getaway to Wisconsin the weekend after Easter,  and I could not be more thrilled. he’s not really a planner, so the fact that he went out of his way to find a place and think about the whole scheduling bit is amazing, and it makes me so happy that he knew I just needed a little bit of a breather. he even picked out a place in egg harbor without knowing I’d actually been to the town before and loved it. it feels good to be loved, and I’m reminded of how great I have it when everything’s said and done.

another thing that’s making me happy is waiting for my tulips to bloom. the picture above is from a few days ago, so now they’ve opened partway. I’ve never been much of a gardening person, so I find it amusing that I am anxiously waiting and watching for these blooms to open. every day, I find myself saying “oh! they’re opening a little more!” or “maybe they’ll be in full bloom by tomorrow!”. I think I’m just so ready for spring to get here and for the promise of new beginnings.

here’s to a lovely spring weekend.

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